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10 hair products, accessories and tools

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10 hair products, accessories, and tools everyone with long hair should have

Are you growing your hair long or do you already have long hair? Then this article is especially for you. In this blog post, I share the 10 hair products, accessories, and tools that have helped me enormously while growing my hair and taking care of my long hair. And hopefully, they will help you with your long hair adventure too!

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10 must-have products for (growing) long hair


Duerer Double pack silky satin pillowcases for hair and skin, standard/queen/king size pillowcase with hotel closure

1. Satin pillowcase

Is your hair always a mess when you get up? Then you probably are not sleeping on a satin pillowcase yet! (if you already do this, consider a different hairstyle while sleeping)

Your trusty cotton or polyester pillowcase may feel great, but it is rough and drains moisture from your hair at night. However,  satin is woven in such a way that it is smooth. This means fewer tangles, less damage, and your hair stays hydrated. (In addition, it sleeps wonderfully luxurious!)


Kanzy Argan Oil Organic 100% Pure Cold Pressed Argan Oil Morocco Vegan Treatment for Dry Hair, Skin, Body and Face 100ml

2. Oil

Oil is great for protecting your hair, preventing split ends and dry lengths. For more hydration, always apply oil to wet hair. Use in moderation, a few drops are enough.

My favorite hair oil is jojoba oil.  This is quite light and also corresponds in composition the most to the skin’s own sebum. Other good hair oils include coconut oil and argan oil. 


Tangle Teezer – Compact Styler Rose Gold Cream | The hairbrush for on the go – suitable for all hair types

3. Tangle Teezer

The  Tangle Teezer is designed in such a way that you can brush tangles out of your hair in a gentle way. There are now many types of  Tangle Teezers, especially for different hair types and purposes. A point of attention is that you actually have to replace the  Tangle Teezer every year. Due to wear, the tips of the brush become sharp and rough.


COCOCHOCO Professional Clarifying Shampoo

4. Clarifying Shampoo

Ever wonder why your hair feels so clean and soft after a visit to the hairdresser? Usually, this is because the hairdresser used a clarifying shampoo. This shampoo is highly cleansing and washes almost all accumulated ingredients from your hair, including silicones, oils, and minerals. As a result, the ingredients of hair products that you apply afterward have much more effect.

Note:  clarifying shampoo is not for daily use.


Natural Hair Journal: Hair product recipes using kitchen ingredients

5. Natural hair journal

Knowledge about ingredients and what exactly they do with and for your hair is something that comes in handy if you want to take better care of your hair. A good book with clear, reliable information about cosmetic ingredients is, therefore, something everyone with an interest in hair should have.  


10pcs Women Hair Pin Retro Hair Chopsticks Vintage Hair Stick Antique Bronze Decorative for Hair Diy Accessory

6. The Flexi-8, hair sticks, and hair forks

Do you already wear your hair in protective hairstyles? These are braids, buns and rolls that you can wear safely without damaging your hair.

The problem is: What are you going to use to secure them? Because bobby pins and most clips damage your hair. That’s where the  Flexi-8 comes in. This is actually a very beautiful piece of jewelry – that allows you to secure your hair in a hair-friendly way.

Other hair-friendly hair accessories to secure your hairstyles are hair sticks and hair forks. These also come in all kinds of beautiful variants. Also recommended: rubber bands without metal such as a  scrunchie or “telephone cable” elastic band. 

10 hair products, accessories, and tools


Jaguar Scissor Coupé 3-5 étoiles, Champion De Classe

7. Hairdressing scissors

Since hairdressers are notorious for cutting more often than people who want to grow their hair long, it can be nice to take matters into their own hands – or in that case, the scissors. Are you afraid of cutting your own hair? That’s not necessary. There are many easy ways to find out how to cut long hair online. And if I can do it with my two trembling left hands, then you should do it too.

If you cut your own hair, good sharp scissors are a must-have. Avoid kitchen scissors and prefer hairdressing scissors, such as the fairly inexpensive  Jaguar Pre-Style Relax scissors. 


Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Inte Hy Hair Mask

8. Conditioner/hair mask

A good conditioner or hair mask is absolutely worth its weight in gold. The longer your hair gets, the more most of us find that our hair needs extra care and hydration. A conditioner and/or hair mask can help with this.

For the best effect, leave your mask or conditioner on for an extra-long time. Cover your hair with cling film and a towel to create heat to help it absorb into your hair.


Revlon Professional Be Fabulous Recovery Step 3 Cuticle Sealer Shampoo

9. Cuticle Sealer / Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

I am regularly asked how I can make my hair shine like this. The answer is in 2 parts: 1. Healthy fine, straight hair is naturally shinier. 2. I pay close attention to the acidity of my hair.

The latter is important because with a good acidity (pH of 4.5-5.5) your hair cuticles flatten more. This creates a smooth surface that reflects light = shine. Maintaining good acidity is mainly done by using products of which the acidity is already good, such as the products of  Revlon.  But also by rinsing with apple cider vinegar (liters of lukewarm/cold water, a few drops of vinegar), which helps to restore the acidity. If you have light hair, it is better to use white wine vinegar. This is slightly stronger, so you have to use less of it.

Not everyone likes using vinegar. A good solution in that case is a Cuticle Sealer. This is a product that you usually use after shampoo and is aimed at laying the scales flat.


Yauvanya 100% pure Cassia (neutral henna) powder 

10. Neutral Henna

Do you regularly suffer from scalp problems? Then I will share a tip especially for you! the name (the real name is  Cassia obovata),   neutral henna is not henna.  However, it is comparable, only without the red color. Dark hair does not discolor, but blond and gray hair becomes slightly more golden.

 Neutral henna puts a protective layer around your hair and works very well with nasty scalp problems. I myself have been using it once in a while for years when my seborrhoeic eczema flares up again.


Olaplex Hair Perfector N.3 100ml

Bonus: Olaplex

Maybe you already know Olaplex from the hairdresser. It is widely used in hair dyeing. This is because  Olaplex can partially restore the sulfur compounds that are destroyed by paints and other chemical treatments.

You can easily use  Olaplex nr. 3  at home. Especially if you have damage from painting, bleaching, chemical straightening or a perm,  Olaplex can be used well. If you have virgin hair (= completely natural), it will have less or no effect. Some say it helps, but I don’t have this experience myself.


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