14 simple tips to become even more stylish

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14 simple tips to become even more stylish Follow these tips and work on your style development.

14 simple tips to become even more stylish: Want to become even more stylish?

Admit it: you also have items of clothing in your closet that you never wear, but at the same time do not dare to put away. Or how about all those items that you bought on a whim, but which you were done with after wearing it once? All those bad buys and other wardrobe inconveniences can get in the way of your style development. With these fourteen tips you can make space in your closet, save money and look even better than you already did.

1 Buy something you will wear more often than once

A wedding, Christmas, an evening drink with friends: when you have something special planned, you also want to look special. Special in the sense of new. But buying something new for a specific occasion is quite dangerous. Usually the items you buy for that fun party are so trend sensitive that you will never wear them again. And that’s a shame. Do you want to prevent this? Make sure you have some festive items in your closet that will still be fashionable in two years. By alternating with accessories, that dress feels like new every time.

2 Buy something that really fits

We get it: sometimes you keep a garment in the hope that it will fit again. In addition to making you unsatisfied with your body, that unworn item also occupies valuable space in your closet. So it’s time to sell or donate it.

3 Buy something in your own style

You have probably bought something that was very much the trend at the time, but which actually did not suit you. Others may look great, but if you’re not feeling confident and comfortable about it, it’s time to get that trendy item out the door.

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4 Don’t buy something because it’s on sale

Yes, the sale is certainly tempting, but even with a 70% discount, an item you will never wear is still too expensive. So never buy anything for the sole reason that it is on sale, but wonder if you really need it.

5 One in, one out

This is the perfect way to keep the size of your wardrobe manageable. Every time you buy something, you put something else out of your closet. This one-in-one-out policy not only prevents your cabinet from bulging, but also protects you from impulse purchases. With the thought that one of the items will have to disappear from your closet, you think twice before buying something new.

6 Swap clothes with your most stylish friends

Clothing exchanges are becoming increasingly popular. You can organize a clothing swap party with all your friends or spend an afternoon sifting through each other’s closet. Clothing exchange is the perfect way to renew your wardrobe, without spending money. Nice and durable.

7 Do not shop extensively

How many times have you stood in front of your closet feeling that you have nothing to wear? Although an extensive shopping session seems to be the only solution, this is not very wise. With an afternoon of shopping, you quickly spend too much money on trend-sensitive items that end up unworn in your closet. Because as often as you feel that you have nothing fun to put on, so often the fashion trends change. So invest in items that can be combined well and that are not too trend-sensitive.

8 Make an effort to discover new brands

You probably always shop with the same brands. While it’s good to have a few clothing stores that you can always fall back on, there are still so many brands waiting to be discovered. So keep your eyes and ears open all year round, chances are you will come across undiscovered pearls with which you can perfectly complement your wardrobe.

9 Don’t shy away from difficult decisions

Nobody likes to throw clothes away. Still, it’s good to give up clothes you never wear again, even if you got attached to them. Don’t panic, your wedding dress really doesn’t have to go out, but those five dresses that you only have fond memories of can really go. Really.

10 Create a uniform

One of the biggest misunderstandings about style is that you have to constantly change it. Sure, no one wants a wardrobe with fifteen identical sweaters and ten black skinny jeans, but it’s no shame to stay true to what’s right for you. Know what you like and what you look good and buy your next item in that line.

14 simple tips to become even more stylish


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 11 Know your wardrobe inside and out

It may be an open door, but it is still easy to forget what you have in your closet. Every wardrobe contains some fantastic items that have not seen the light of day for years, and that is eternally a shame. So take a deep dive in your closet before you go shopping: chances are that you will find exactly what you thought you needed on the bottom. Or better yet, tidy your closet from top to bottom (keeping tip nine in mind).

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12 Invest in what you already have

The vast majority of your broken clothes can still be saved by the tailor. So do not throw an item away immediately when it is broken. Having a garment made is always cheaper than buying something new, and you are also a lot better for the earth.

13Embrace renting clothes

With the growing importance of sustainability, renting clothes is easier than ever. Certainly for a special party, you are well advised to rent your outfit instead of buying it. This way you look stylish, without having to purchase an item that you will never wear again (remember, tip one?).

14 Don’t underestimate the power of a capsule wardrobe

You don’t need a big budget or a gigantic walk-in closet to look really stylish. What you do need are well-considered decisions. If you want to create a capsule wardrobe, only buy what you need and what you feel good about. And invest in the right basics. Do you want to bet that your closet consists of very few items?

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