Recipe for a beauty treatment with three natural products

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3 Super ingredients for your hair: Recipe for a beauty treatment with three natural products

Do you sometimes feel that it is a real challenge to take care of your hair and to keep your hair healthy and beautiful?

it is a real job to take care of your hair every day so that new hair growth is stimulated, the hair itself remains strong and you are sure that all waste materials that accumulate due to exposure to the environment are washed out well.

probably you have never heard of this natural remedy that barely consists of three super ingredients for your hair, but guarantees your hair a powerful haircare.

Recipe for a beauty treatment with three natural products

of course there are thousands of shampoos and creams for your hair on the market! they all promise you that they will promote the health of your hair, stop hair loss, strengthen the hair, and thereby give you a full of lush hair.

however, the promised result varies from person to person. it also does not always look the same as on the beautiful pictures in magazines or stylish advertisements.

therefore, more and more people are looking for alternative remedies that can repair and nourish the hair, without having to spend a fortune on commercial products that do not always have the promised result.

This article describes below the recipe for a beauty treatment with three natural products that will guarantee you healthy and beautiful hair.

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What does this treatment for your hair and consist of?

This natural alternative for spectacularly beautiful hair uses the nourishing and medicinal quality of cinnamon and honey. For years, the commercial hair industry has also been using these two powerful products in their production process.

cinnamon repairs damaged and dry hair. making the hair full and hair can grow faster. it also has natural antibacterial quality, which helps to combat other ailments such as fungus and dandruff. cinnamon has a wonderful aroma and delicious taste, making it a great spice to incorporate into numerous recipes and treatments that are beneficial to health and could even prevent.

what many people don’t know is that cinnamon can also have a stimulating effect on capillaries. therefore you could accelerate the process of hair growth by using cinnamon. the high doses of enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants ensure that you can use cinnamon as a powerful hair growth product.

we quickly outlined the many benefits of cinnamon below: 

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  • it cleanses the scalp and keeps hair follicles clean
  • cinnamon has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral quality that help prevent innocent but unpleasant ailments such as scalp fungus and flakes.
  • the hairs get more shine and this works especially well with people with brown hair.
  • cinnamon can repair dry and damaged hair

honey is that delicious, golden-yellow delicacy that is used almost everywhere in the world in recipes, as natural sweeteners as a powerful alternative medicine.

Honey has also been used in beauty treatments for untold years since it was discovered that it has a moisturizing, antiseptic and antioxidant effect that could significantly improve the condition of the skin and hair.

The benefits of honey for your hair are outlined here below:

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  • Honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. These nourish, repair and protect the hair, including the scalp.
  • It stimulates hair growth in a natural way, without the addition of harmful substances.
  • Honey is used to help repair damaged hair and split ends.
  • The roots of the hair can become stronger, so that hair loss occurs less often.
  • You can use it as a natural conditioner.

Recipe for a beauty treatment with three natural products: Treatment with cinnamon, honey and balm for beautiful hair

With the combination of these three super ingredients for your hair, you have a powerful beauty product. It can restore your damaged hair, stimulate growth, and give your hair a natural, beautiful shine.

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if you notice that your hair is dull and dry and break down more often than usual? Then the time has come to get hold of these three ingredients and give this method the chance to prove that a good beauty treatment does not have to be expensive.

Recipe for a beauty treatment with three natural products

What are the three super ingredients?

  • Three tablespoons of ground cinnamon or about 25 grams
  • Three tablespoons of honey or 75 ml
  • Five to six tablespoons of balm or balm oil

Preparation method

  1. Mix the honey and cinnamon into a nicely homogeneous whole.
  2. Then add the recommended amount of balm and mix well.

How do you use this natural super remedy for your hair?

First, wash your hair thoroughly. Then divide the hair into different strands with a comb.

Then apply the balm to each strand by using a comb or brush. Make sure that each strand is treated, but do not apply the mix directly to the scalp to avoid irritation.

If you find this an easier method, you can also apply the balm with your hands and carefully distribute the cream in the hair with a gentle massage.

To achieve an optimum result, cover the hair with plastic, after that you wrap the entire circumference of the head well with a towel.

Recipe for a beauty treatment with three natural products

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Take a relaxing moment for yourself, while you let this wonderfully scented remedy work in for half an hour. You can remove the towel, but preferably let the plastic cap cover the hair for another three to four hours.

Natural treatments often require a little more time before the desired result is noticed. It is recommended to apply this beauty treatment twice a week for a few weeks.

All hair types can use the three super ingredients, from dry to normal to oily hair. If you have extra dry hair, then you can safely add a spoonful of olive oil to the care cream.

Do not worry if you get a slight tingling sensation on the scalp during treatment. This is a completely normal phenomenon when using this powerful beauty treatment for your hair.



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