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5 Tips for fuller lips

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“The lips of Angelina Jolie, who doesn’t want that? 5 tips for fuller lips

Or how about the lips of Eva Mendes or Kerry Washington…. And yes … then we also have Kylie Jenner, but she seems to had some help? Because you are born with this kind of beautiful full lips or not, and if the latter is the case, then even fillers cannot help you get such beautiful full natural lips. Unless you aspire the Donald Duck version of fuller lips?
there are some tricks to make your lips fuller or at least to make them appear fuller …

5 tips for fuller lips:

1. Scrubbing

Do you want some fuller, red lips quickly? Then gently scrub your lips with a damp toothbrush, a dry washcloth or a “real”            lip scrub  (you can also make one yourself). If you exfoliate your lips, you remove the dead skin cells and ensure better blood flow to your lips. After that, your lips will immediately be red, softer, and larger. Be careful though, by the way … I once had a wound on my lip and I scrubbed my half-lip through something too enthusiastic … Ai.

2. The perfect color lipstick/gloss

If you want your lips to look fuller naturally, then I have learned that you need to choose a shade that is close to your own lip color. So no bold, experimental color, because then your lips will look more unnatural. 

3. Matte lipstick

Another thing I have ever learned from a makeup artist: Lipsticks with matte formulas are better for optically fuller lips. But, if you are addicted to the shiny stuff (like me), make sure that the shine is mainly focused on the center of your lips.

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4. Lipliner

 If you use lip liner, choose a color that matches (almost) exactly with your lipstick. If you do that, you can give your lips your desired shape and also make it slightly larger. Don’t overdo it too much, because then it will become unnatural. Incidentally, I own this lip liner from Dior, a liner that you can use with any lipstick and ensures that your lipstick does not run out or pull into the fine lines of your lips. A problem that I have to deal with more and more lately. “Hip hip hurray for aging,” I said in a sarcastic tone. Anyway … with this liner you can also set your lipstick just a bit wider. Especially if you use a brush. Moreover, it is super easy that you do not have to buy a liner for each color of lipstick separately.

5. Use a stain with some balsam

Do you know those stain jars? You can use it for your lips and cheeks (as a blush). They look great on your lips. You only need a bit, you spread it out and this also gives your lips the perfect color. If you put a little bit of balsam on top, you make your lips nice and soft.

One of Benefit’s toppers has been the Benetint for years, This stain is really a must because you can do this forever. But a product such as lip venom from DuWop is also highly recommended. 

So … those were my 5 tips in a row. Hopefully, it will help you.
Do you have any tips for getting fuller lips? I’m curious!


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