9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe

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9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe, Heavenly Paradise.

Here we reveal the most beautiful beaches in Europe, idyllic spots with clear blue water, crystal white sand, wild waves, and wild nature. 

9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe:


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

The most photographed beach in Greece is Navagio Beach on the island of Zakynthos. The beach setting is surreal. You imagine yourself on a film set. The only way to reach the beach is by boat. Be warned: this “secret” beach is no longer a secret, but once on the powdery white beach you immediately forget that.


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 Praia de Marinha, Portugal

Yes, this beach is at the top of every Portugal list, so beautiful, so clean, so photogenic. It therefore won a prestigious award from the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment in 1998 and is now called “Golden Beach”. The golden beach is located in the Algarve and should not be missing on your to-do list for Portugal.

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Santa Maria dell’Isola, Italy

If you do a Google search for Santa Maria dell’Isola you will be immediately sold. This beach is a utopia, hidden between the rocks, with clear blue water. A well-kept secret, because it is mainly the Italians who know how to find the beach. On top of the rocks is a beautiful church, to complete the la dolce vita feeling.


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 Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

Something different from Ibiza? Off to neighboring island of Formentera, the favorite of football stars. Tripadvisor declared this beach two years ago one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Among all the tropical violence, this was the only European beach to make the cut. So Playa de Ses Illetes. Pull out your most fashionable bikini, put your toes in the sand, order pesaco a la sal (fish baked in salt) and champagne, and enjoy.

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Zlatni Rat,Croatia

On the Croatian island of Brač is Zlatni Rat, an elongated Expedition Robinson-worthy beach, with a strip of untouched nature in the center. This beautiful white pebble beach is constantly changing under the influence of currents, waves and wind. As a result, the tip of the beach sometimes points one way and sometimes the other. So, you have also learned something.

9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Europe:


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 Positano, Italy

The teeming tourists you have to think about and the winding paths and the hundreds of stairs down, but once you are on the beach of Positano you have by far the most beautiful view ever. Positano consists of a collection of pastel-colored houses built against the slopes of a deep ravine that opens into the sea. A fairytale. Also nice: the sea of ​​orange umbrellas on the beach is a welcome guest on Instagram


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Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

On the Golfo di Orosei on the east coast of Sardinia you will find a series of high cliffs and beaches with incredibly clear sea water. It has not been declared a national park for nothing. In addition, Italy is always a good idea. Because: pasta, pizza, wine and limoncello.


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Ksamil Beach Albania

Albania is the country that is home to many natural pearls, such as Ksamil Beach, one of the beaches on the Albanian Riviera. This beach is located in the south of Saranda, the unofficial capital of Albania. If you have had enough hours of sunshine, Saranda is the perfect city for an afternoon stroll.

Kaputas beach, Turkey

The town of Kas is known among divers, who come here to explore the beautiful underwater world. But this place is also ideal for sun worshipers who prefer to stay on a boat or on a beach or air mattress, because the view above water is just as breathtaking as it is underwater.

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