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applying quick eyeshadow

Applying quick eyeshadow: Applying eye shadow can be done in many different ways. You can create a light, subtle daytime look or a sultry evening look. From subtle to dramatic. Whichever look you go for, the basis is the same.
But how do you best apply eye shadow?

applying quick eyeshadow:

Use an eye shadow primer. Your eyeshadow blend is easier, does not create and your colors come out much nicer!

To create a beautiful eye shadow base you need 3 shades of eye shadow. Choose 3 colors that suit you nicely, go for a nude look or pack and choose more extreme shades!

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applying quick eyeshadow

After applying your makeup primer you start with the lightest shade of eye shadow. You apply this color under your eyebrows and inner corners of your eyes. You best use an angled brush for this, so you can easily apply your eye shadow

Then color your moving eyelid with the middle shade of eye shadow color. This can be a matte or shimmer shade, which you yourself find beautiful!
Use a shader brush to easily apply the color to your eyelid

Time for the very last color! Apply the darkest shade of eye shadow in your arcade arch. Ensure a nice, soft transition by blending, blending, and blending 😉
Use a soft blending brush for the very best results!

applying quick eyeshadow

You can finish your eye look by placing a line under your eye with a thin brush. Do not do this with a too dark color, otherwise you will create the effect of hanging eyes.

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