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Birkenstock x Toogood collaboration

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Birkenstock x Toogood collaboration, Looking Good

Maybe you already like the Birkenstock sandals or you experience disgust with the sandals. However, the return of the Birkenstocks in fashion trends over the past year was not entirely unexpected. In recent seasons, the fashion world has been filling itself with the hype surrounding ‘ugly’ trends; think of the Crocs and the (now cool)  dad sneaker that both made their comeback. And so is the Birkenstock. However, Faye Toogood turned the sandal with her magic fashion touch into a pretty cool shoe.

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Birkenstock x Toogood

The London Faye Toogood is inspired by sculptural shapes and structures of the past. She also took that approach to Birkenstock. The two brands joined forces and gave the sandal a new, refreshing look. But, interesting: in addition to the new shoe collection, they have also designed a clothing and accessories line and yes, a bed. The bed, therefore, consists of the same materials from which the new shoe collection is made: cork, leather, and canvas.


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New Birkenstocks

Where you might recognize the Birkenstock sandal well by the iconic model consisting of the cork sole, leather straps, and metal big buckles, the Birkenstock x Toogood collaboration heralds a new era for the sandal. The convergence of the core values ​​of the two brands, functionality, and sculptural design, is therefore perfectly reflected in the new designs. The new Birkenstock shoe collection consists of three new models: ForagerMudlark, and Beachcomber (a puffy model, we love it )Each of the three designs has Velcro instead of buckles and comes in leather, canvas, and felt, in white, black, yellow, and gray.

The new Birkenstock x Toogood shoe collection 

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