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Body Part Everyone forgets to wash while showering

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Body Part Everyone forgets to wash

Body Part Everyone forgets to wash while showering: Every shower – no matter how short or long it may be – naturally consists of washing certain body parts, such as those warm holes under your arm. But there is one body part that we all forget to wash when it can smell just as bad there as under your armpits.

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Do you forget to wash it often?

Body Part Everyone forgets to wash while showering

While you may think that this part of the body gets pretty wet in the shower and some soap slips through it, that’s not enough. We’re talking about your feet. You should also wash your feet so that you combat unpleasant odors and exfoliate them.

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Regularly washing your feet – the top, side, and bottom – with soap and water is an easy way to prevent smelly feet. After all, your feet also contain bacteria, just like other parts of the body.

Anti-odor and exfoliation

In addition to the fact that – by washing your feet – you get rid of unpleasant odors, it also has an exfoliating effect. That, in turn, helps against calluses, which otherwise accumulate through friction. And although calluses are a very normal thing, you can definitely get them.

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And not only that. It stops infections. Infections exist for just about every part of your body, from your ears to your cat. Feet are therefore no exception and also susceptible to infections. Do you often walk barefoot through changing rooms in the gym or in the swimming pool? Or do you live with roommates and share a shower? Then it is extra important to brush your feet every now and then.

Your routine

There is no specific requirement for how often you should wash your feet. You could of course easily incorporate it into your routine, if you’re already in the shower anyway. Only if you have lots of sports or walking around barefoot, it does not hurt to deal more carefully with your feet busy.

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