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Brow lamination is the trend

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Brow lamination is the trend for flawless eyebrows

Brow lamination is the trend: The perfect eyebrows, it remains a daily fight in front of the mirror. Are you going for epilation, waxing, dyeing, henna, or tattooing? Now a new treatment has been added to this list, namely brow lamination. We explain what it is exactly and why you want to try it.

Natural eyebrows, without a painful treatment.

Brow lamination: what is it?

Makeup trends are constantly changing, and so are our eyebrows. Where we used to think that super-thin lines looked good on us, bushy brows or very natural eyebrows are now, fortunately, the standard.

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Brow lamination is the latest eyebrow trend. With this treatment, you get supernatural eyebrows, without having to suffer pain. But what exactly is it?

Brow lamination

It may sound a bit scary, but brow lamination is nothing more than a perm for your eyebrows (without the curls). This gives you fluffy, combed-up, full eyebrows that last a long time. And a plus, they just do all this with your own eyebrow hairs. No needles or blood needed.

A treatment has 6 steps and takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. Your eyebrows are treated in these 6 steps with a certain means that keep them raised. This looks crazy at first, but the eyebrows are still ‘molded’ into the correct shape.

This remedy ensures that once your eyebrows are in your desired shape, they stay that way for the next 6 to 8 weeks and look much fuller. Super handy right? Saves you a lot of work in the morning.

Brow lamination is the trend


During the treatment, your eyebrows can also be dyed, and they are treated with a kind of serum that nourishes the hair. The first 24 hours after treatment are the most important.

Your eyebrows should definitely not get wet and should stay in shape. After these 24 hours, the ‘lamination’ is firmly in place and you can keep your face under the warm shower again.

After 6 to 8 weeks you have to repeat the treatment (if you want to), but you can paint again after 2 to 4 weeks. The advantage of brow lamination is that you no longer have to spend time on your eyebrows in the morning. You just comb them into shape and you’re good to go.

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