Clean a beauty blender properly

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This is how you really clean a beauty blender properly

Clean a beauty blender properly: With this hack, your beauty blender will look like new again.

How often do you clean your beauty blender? Chances are that this is much less often than you would like. Because no matter how nice the sponge is to use, cleaning your favorite beauty tool is a lot less easy. But help is on the way: we have found the hack that not only keeps your beauty blender clean but also bacteria-free. Very nice in these times.

With this hack, you can clean your beauty blender well

With daily use, your beauty blender turns into a bacteria bomb in no time, and you’d rather not bring it in contact with your face. But necessity breaks law: without a beauty blender, your foundation looks more like a layer of filler than the perfect base for a beautiful make-up look. So the question is: how do you really clean your beloved beauty tool? Well, very simple: with a beauty blender cleanser.


BEAUTYBLENDER Pure Solid Cleanser

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Beautyblender cleanser hack

This is how you use the beauty blender cleanser

With the beauty blender cleanser, you no longer have to venture into dish soap and other home-garden-and-kitchen tricks. No, the beauty blender cleanser is foolproof and guarantees that all bacteria that have collected on the sponge will actually die.

And that’s how you use the cleanser.

Step 1 Wet the beauty blender.

Step 2 Put a little bit of the beauty blender cleanser on the beauty blender.

Step 3 Massage the sponge into a bowl of water so that the cleanser foams (and you get a mini bubble bath!).

Step 4 See how the water becomes cloudy from the make-up residue in the sponge?

Step 5 Squeeze the beauty blender.

Step 6 Rinse the beauty blender with clean water and squeeze it again.

Step 7 Let the beauty blender dry completely before using the sponge again.

Easy Peasy right?

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