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dark circles under your eyes…this you can do to get rid of it

If you look in the mirror and you see dark circles under your eyes, it will not make you happy. The annoying thing is that there is not really a general cure for it.

What are dark circles under your eyes?

It occurs in both men and women. You see it more with one person than with another. A dark discoloration or shadow under the eyes. This discoloration is not always in the skin itself, but can also be caused by the skin is thinner and the blood beneath it is seen better. In other cases, there is more pigment under the eyes.

Dark circles under your eyes here are some causes:

There are various causes of those dark circles. Depending on the cause, sometimes something can be done about it.


Not only in people with fair skin but also in people with dark skin, exposure to sunlight can increase the pigmentation of the skin under the eyes more than in normal skin. A daily eye cream with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can then be a solution.


In some people, dark circles are not caused by the skin being thin and transparent, but because the skin under the eyes contains too much pigment. If in doubt, you can have a doctor look at it. If so then there are creams that light up your skin. This only helps if there is too much pigment.


Like couperose and bags, dark circles under the eyes are often hereditary. The skin under the eyes is thin and the blood flows through the veins under the thin, transparent skin. This can give the skin a bluish tint. The more transparent the skin, the darker the circles appear.

Allergy, asthma, eczema

Disorders that cause your eyes to itch or tears can cause dark circles. The skin becomes irritated because it is wet with tears for a long time. You rub more and that makes the skin darker.

Even if you suffer from hay fever you will be more likely to suffer from dark circles during the allergy season.


If your diet is not optimal, for example, if you are on a diet or do not eat enough of a varied diet, this may cause discoloration under the eyes.

not drinking enough water 

If your body does not get enough moisture, the eyes may be a bit deeper in the face and the skin around the eyes will become faded and thin. Circles then become visible earlier.



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Start the day with water with lemon juice  6-8 glasses of water throughout the day.

dark shadow under the eyes, Iron deficiency or anemia

Due to iron deficiency or anemia, you often get pale skin. The skin under your eyes is then more transparent and therefore circles are extra visible.

Use of medication

If you take medication that dilates your blood vessels, it can also be a cause of dark circles. Because the skin under the eyes is so thin, a larger supply of blood gives a darker discoloration.

Your eyes too tight

Staring at your laptop, mobile or other screens for too much and too long will tire your eyes. Through this effort, the blood vessels dilate around the eyes and more blood flows to it. The result is that dark circles become more visible.


Take a break regularly and do some eye exercises to relax them.


A lack of sleep or tiredness can make your skin extra pale. This makes the blood shine through the thin skin under the eyes, which gives dark circles.

Pregnancy and menstruation

During pregnancy and menstruation, the skin can also be somewhat paler, with the result that the skin under your eyes appears darker.

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Become older

If you already had a tendency to dark circles, these can become more visible and permanent as the skin ages. Hormone changes and because the skin becomes weaker and thinner and wrinkles make it easier to see dark circles.

Ensure good skincare around the eyes. A normal day cream is actually not enough. It is better to choose a product especially for the skin around your eyes with a good SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of at least 15.

Search for an eye cream that has firming components, such as e.g. vitamin K and / or A (retinol) which helps to renew skin cells, making the skin firmer and preventing aging.

You can do this yourself

have a healthy lifestyle and eat good and varied food, drink enough and do not smoke
protect the skin (around your eyes) from the sun
avoid stress and sleep well
Regular exercise keeps you young and helps with good blood circulation and moisture management of the skin


In addition, you can do things to make the circles under your eyes stand out less. And of course, good care of the skin around the eyes so that it remains smooth and hydrated. Camouflage dark circles is quite possible, but you do need the right products and some practice.?

Orange or green camouflage?

You have camouflage markers and colored creams. Camouflage markers are good covering but must be of a good creamy quality that spreads well. Powder under the eyes quickly gives a too grainy effect. An orange or peach-like color works well as camouflage because the circles under the eyes are usually purple/blue. For light skin, use peach-colored concealer. If your skin is darker, you can use a darker or brighter orange. If your circles are reddish, a green camouflage color often works better. Apply a layer of foundation over your concealer. Then you can apply a highlighter under your eyes.

In the video, you can see how it works.

Professional help

if it’s not possible to reduce circles due to lifestyle changes or camouflage, then there are also professional treatments.

There are laser treatments that can light up the kin. fillers can be injected under the eyes with the thinning skin so that the shadow under the eyes becomes less.


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