With every eye shape fits a different way of applying eyeliner

Let your eyes speak with an eyeliner that fits your eyes! Different ways of applying eyeliner.

Different ways of applying eyeliner: With every eye, shape fits a different way 

There are various tricks to make your makeup even more beautiful, smoother, and more efficient. We have already told you a few tricks. But what about applying eyeliner? With every eye, shape fits a different way of applying the eyeliner. And today we tell you which shape works best for your eyes!

Hanging eyes
If your eyes “hang” a bit, you can lift it with the help of an eyeliner. Light up the inside of your eyes with a light eye shadow or highlighter. Then draw a line just above your eyelash edge and make sure it lasts in the shape of your eyes. At the end (the outside of your eyes) you draw the line in the direction of your eyebrows.

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Monolid eyes
With a monolid, it is sometimes difficult to apply eyeliner. This is because the eyelid is smaller and therefore there is less room for eyeliner. Yet with your exotic eye shape, a dramatic wing is the most beautiful. Draw a thin line on your eyelids and make the wing straight and thicker. By making the line go from thin to thick, your eyes appear larger.

 Round eyes
Do you have round eyes? Then it is best to choose to extend the line on the outside of your eyes for a long time. This makes your eyes appear longer. Use a dark eye pencil to accentuate the ends of your eyes.

Almond-shaped eyes
Lucky you! Women with almond-shaped eyes can actually have any eyeliner look! So try it out! No inspiration? Start at the inside of your eyes with a thin line and make the line thicker as you work outside. This shape is guaranteed to be fantastic


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