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DIY: dye eyebrows like a pro

Do you normally knock on the beautician for a lick of paint on your eyebrows? Doing it yourself is easy. DIY: dye eyebrows like a pro

1. Use eyebrow dye
Quickly tint your eyebrows with your hair? Better not, because hair dye contains different ingredients than special eyebrow dye. With the sensitive skin around your eyebrows (and therefore close to your eyes) you better be careful.

2. Choose the right color
For the most natural effect, choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your own hair color, because too dark eyebrows can be strict. You can always turn them on a little darker with an eyebrow pencil.

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DIY: dye eyebrows like a pro

3. Avoid stains
To avoid outliers, smear some Vaseline around your eyebrows in advance. This way you ensure that the paint stays within the shape and does not adhere to the skin around it. Spilled accidentally? No worries, you quickly wipe that away with a cotton swab.

4. Use the right tools
To work accurately, it is best to apply the paint with a brush or a clean eyebrow brush (usually included in the packaging, otherwise available at the drugstore). Note: do not put too much pressure because then you push the paint into the skin and you get two dark caterpillars.       

DIY: dye eyebrows like a pro

5. Watch the time
This sounds obvious, but follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. The longer you let the paint soak in, the more intense the color 

6. Use lukewarm water
Soak a cotton pad with lukewarm water and gently wipe off the paint residue. Repeat until the paint no longer smears. Always use lukewarm or cold water, because heat can activate the color extra, making it just a bit darker than hoped.

7. Still too dark?
Don’t panic, and especially don’t bleach your eyebrows. Usually, after a day or two to three (and a few showers), the color will naturally become a lot lighter.

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