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Make your own hand sanitizer.

The Coronavirus has made its appearance and hand sanitizer is almost no longer available! In this article, I will explain how you can make it yourself in an instant to take extra protection measures against the virus! It is not difficult at all!

The hand gel is sold out everywhere. Fortunately, you can make this yourself in no time! Easy!

DIY protection Coronavirus Make your own hand sanitizer

What you need:

A pump bottle or bottle. You can also use an (empty) soap pump for a larger quantity. I use a travel pump bottle myself
(hand) gel, preferably Aloe Vera gel,96% alcohol, Essential oil
Mixing bowl, spatula, and funnel

How do you proceed?

For approximately 100 ml: Add 30 ml of gel to the mixing bowl and add 70 ml of alcohol. To these ingredients add a few (8-10 for 100 ml hand sanitizer) drops of essential oil. For example, choose peppermint or lavender. This gives a fresh scent and a clean feeling.

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It is important that you proceed exactly. In the event of a too low alcohol percentage, the hand sanitizer will not have a disinfecting effect. In that case, it does not kill bacteria. In the event of a too high alcohol percentage in your product, this can cause skin irritations.

Mix the ingredients and fill the chosen container with the substance using a funnel. Your disinfectant hand sanitizer is ready!

Why hand gel? + advice

To protect yourself against the Coronavirus, it is recommended to wash your hands more often and thoroughly. Soap your hands well – at least 20 seconds – and then rinse the soap with water.

Are you unable to wash your hands? Then use a hand sanitizer with alcohol. To make it work properly, rub it in until your hands feel dry. Preferably, you should still wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Hand sanitizer does not kill all bacteria!

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