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DIY: You can braid your hair nice and fast in these ways

Braiding your own hair can be very difficult and that is why we honestly admit that we can use some tips & tricks for that. Braided hair is super fun and we would like to be able to do this well with ourselves. We start super easy because these braids are very simple to learn. For you too!
Braiding your hair yourself: in these ways, you can do it too

DIY: You can braid your hair nice and fast in these ways

The fishtail braid looks very difficult, but it is very easy. Divide your hair into one left section and one right section. Pull a thin strand of hair from the left section and then pull the section under the right section. Repeat on the right side and continuously alternate both sides until you reach the bottom of your braid. 


You actually make this braid in exactly the same way as above, because this is also a fishtail braid. The difference is that with this braid you start braiding later and not on top of your head already. Start very loosely at the bottom and follow the same steps as above during the braiding.

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DIY: You can braid your hair nice and fast in these ways


This braid is again a braided fishtail braid but braided to one side. To achieve this look, make sure all your hair is on one side and braid your hair in the same way as explained above. Very nice!


You can also easily braid your hair with this braid. Start on the left and grab a strand of hair that is a few inches away from your hairline. Divide this piece in half. Cross the tuft closest to your face over the other piece. Drop the other tuft, then take a new one. Hold the new tuft at the bottom of your top tuft, then drop the top tuft. Repeat this movement until you reach the back of your head and secure your hair here with a bobby pin.

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