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Elvie trainer for a stronger pelvic floor

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Elvie trainer for a stronger pelvic floor, I thought, I’ll get straight to the point.

Elvie trainer for a stronger pelvic floor: And you know, I’m not ashamed of it. It is not at all that embarrassing to be (a little bit) incontinent. Your pelvic floor muscle really gets a big boost during your pregnancy and delivery. It is therefore quite common that after giving birth you sometimes suffer from urine leakage (1 in 3 women has this problem). In addition, medical interventions, incorrect urination habits, certain medicines, old age, constipation or conditions such as diabetes, obesity, or a neurological disease can also cause (a mild form of) incontinence.

As you can see in the picture above, the levator ani, or your pelvic floor muscle, is a kind of muscular hammock. Look, if you start squatting like crazy, you will certainly see the result in round, tight buttocks. But why on earth would you start training an INTERNAL muscle? Very simple: this muscle is responsible for holding back your pee and poo. If you train this muscle, there is a chance that you will get rid of your incontinence and prevent prolapse of your organs. Moreover, it will make your sex life a lot more pleasant. A well-trained pelvic floor muscle can also help your child to push out more easily during labor and it reduces the risk of tearing. Well, enough reason for me to put this muscle to work!


First of all, how do you recognize this muscle? You can feel your pelvic floor muscles when you insert a finger into your vagina and then try to squeeze it with your vagina. If you do this without engaging your abs and glutes, you will feel your pelvic floor muscles working. Tightening your pelvic floor muscle is actually nothing more and nothing less than imaginary holding back your pee by squeezing your vagina. Just give it a try!

Fortunately, there is such a thing as the ELVIE. This is the world’s smallest award-winning pelvic floor muscle trainer. Gwyneth Paltrow and Khloe Kardashian are already fans, and I have to admit: I now too. Elvie is a small device (made of medical-grade silicone) that you put INSIDE your vagina and track your progress there. Don’t get me wrong: it is not the case that you put the Elvie in your vagina and then do nothing more. No no, you will be put to work yourself.

Elvie trainer for a stronger pelvic floor

The Elvie simply keeps track of what you are doing and provides you with feedback during a fun, easy to maintain, 5-minute workout. This is all done with the accompanying app on your phone, which is connected to your Elvie with Bluetooth. You can play some kind of games through the app. The red diamond on your screen moves up as soon as you tighten your vagina. The harder you tighten your muscle, the higher the diamond will get. My favorite exercises are “Lift” (where you have to hold the diamond up above the line for a few seconds) and “Pulse” (where you have to quickly tighten and relax your muscle to tap dots).

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By tracking your movements with special sensors, it is easier to visualize your training. Because your pelvic floor muscle is an internal muscle, that is quite difficult. Because yes, what are you actually doing? Are you doing it right? And are you actually making progress? In any case, the app is motivating for me! And especially if I have achieved a personal record.


At the end of your training, you will also see a summary of your results. Always good to see you making progress.

And if you are really fanatic, you can even compete against other Elvie users via the app. HA, LOOK AT WHO HAS THE STRONGEST VAGINAS MUSCLES! Nah, for me it doesn’t have to be that competitive, but I can imagine that some people need this for extra motivation. Just like some people like to run behind someone who goes that little bit faster.

What else can I tell you about the Elvie? Well, not unimportantly, it “sits” comfortably. He inserts easily. The silicone shell feels smooth and soft and quickly adjusts to the temperature of your body. As a result, it does not feel crazy, cold, and uncomfortable, but rather comfortable. The Elvie isn’t big at all, so don’t worry it will hurt.


If you would like to use Elvie now after giving birth, you can do so from 6 weeks post-partum. Because your vagina often still feels “wider” than usual, you can place an extra attachment on it so that you can feel better about what you are doing. At a certain point, when your muscle has become stronger, you will automatically feel when this attachment can be removed again.

The material is 100% waterproof, which is nice, so you can rinse it under the tap immediately after use, pat dry and then put it back in the case. The case is also the charger of the Elvie, so the device will always be properly charged for use (and you don’t have to mess with batteries).

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