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Eyebrow trends 2020 So Beautiful

Beautiful Eyebrow trends 2020, are the eyebrows fuller again? In recent months, we have seen a return to more natural eyebrows in the eyebrow trends. On the catwalks, for spring-summer 2020 we finally saw the models “in their own eyebrows”.

Just as the hairstylists keep repeating nowadays that you have to follow the texture of your own hair, the brow stylists emphasized during the fashion weeks for spring-summer 2020 that you should keep your eyebrows in shape and not pluck too much.

The over-groomed, artificial Instagram brow was over, it was said. Therefore we were very surprised that we saw thick and straight eyebrows backstage at the fashion shows for autumn-winter 2020 2021.

Backstage at the Iceberg fashion show for spring-summer 2020, for example, we saw heavily raised eyebrows. The shape was quite straight with a tough angle. In addition, the hairs were brushed upwards so that the brows looked quite wild. A messy brow in its entirety!

Beautiful Eyebrow trends 2020 Are the eyebrows fuller again?


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Iceberg was not the only fashion show where we encountered heavy or “wild” eyebrows. We therefore think that we can label this type of eyebrows as a “trend” for next winter. But if you feel like it now, go ahead!




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Try it yourself?

What you should do to achieve this result? Oh, simple. In the morning you go through those eyebrows with an eyebrow comb. Then you comb them straight up. If you find this too intense, you can also place it in an oblique position. Do not do it too neatly! When you are satisfied with the result, it is best to apply an eyebrow gel. This way the hairs stay in place during the day.


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