Eyelashes one by one…

Using eyelash extensions, lengthen your eyelashes as if they reach the sky. Who says no to that? Not me in any case. In fact, I scream: “Do it to me!” I took the real deal: Lash Extensions. Under the guise of “Go big or go home”. Or well, I’m lying. Just because taking eyelash extensions was still on my Beauty Bucket List.

Eyelash one by one extension: for anyone who wants to extend their lashes

With a Lash Extensions treatment, individual synthetic eyelashes are applied one by one to your natural eyelashes. You hear that right, one by one. About 150 eyelashes per eye. One hundred and fifty. The process therefore easily takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and your eyes should remain closed during the entire treatment. In other words: you have to relax during the treatment. (Which is not a punishment for most people!)


On average, Lash Extensions remain beautiful for 3 to 4 weeks. Then they must be professionally removed.

Very honest? this treatment really takes forever. You lie on a bed with your eyes closed and you have no idea what is happening around you. You hear all sorts of things, but you have to keep your eyes closed and you don’t know if you’re getting along. However, that is not the worst. Because applying the fake eyelashes is such a precision job You can therefore not ask what is happening around you or how many fake eyelashes the beautician still has to go.

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That is immediately the ‘worst’ of the treatment. – Dramaqueen mode off – Furthermore, putting eyelash extensions is completely painless. In fact: you don’t feel it. Not from the taping of your eyes and also when they actually lengthen your lashes. At the most, you feel a bit of tickling. Perhaps the most painful thing is to open your eyes after they have been closed for an hour and the glue has made them dry. You can’t prevent tear eyes, but pain? Nah. You don’t have to worry about that.

Long story short: if you are not as impatient and nervous as I am, there is nothing wrong. Then you just relax for an hour and think of unicorns, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and your next beach holiday.

Lash Extensions stay beautiful for 3 to 4 weeks on average. Of course, I did not let myself be told twice. There are no mascaras in the world that extend your lashes so beautifully. Every morning I woke up with an instant glamorous glance. Delicious. Where I normally put half a Sephora shop on my face, I now needed a lick of foundation and a swish blush. Even without makeup, I felt ‘finished’. A feeling that is rare for a makeup lover like me. For weeks I enjoyed the ease and the dose of glamor that the eyelash extensions brought with it.


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But there were also a number of downsides at the Lash Extensions:

They must not get wet during the first 24 hours. (You’ll just have to wash your hair that night … #storyofmylife)
When you wake up in the morning, you can’t rub your eyes nicely (which makes yawning less pleasant).
Applying eyeliner is difficult (because you always get caught in a web of eyelashes).
Removing eyeliner is even more difficult (at least if you want to keep your eyelash extensions).
Cleaning can only be done carefully and with an oil-free cleanser.
After a few weeks (+/- 3 weeks) the eyelashes get messy and they start to release, creating ‘bald spots’. If you then fiddle with it yourself, you can also accidentally pull out your own eyelashes. Note: DO NOT. Then the time has come to have them professionally removed. 

It’s an expensive joke. Prolonging the prices of your eyelashes differs per salon, but you always lose more than $ 50.

Once you have had Lash Extensions, you will (almost) always feel ‘bald’ without it. Argh, luxury problem!

Eyelash extensions, therefore, bring convenience and glamour, but also have instructions for use. Namely: handle with care. I, therefore, think that they are not reserved for everyone. If you like to rub your eyes extensively in the morning and do not want to gently clean your face, then unfortunately you are not a match.  

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