Favorite Beauty Products For a Day At The Beach  

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Favorite Beauty Products For a Day At The Beach  

 Favorite Beauty Products For a Day At The Beach:  Keep your skin and hair protected from the elements.

Beach days are without a doubt one of the best parts of summer. Whether you’re a quick walk from the shore or you make a yearly pilgrimage to the nearest coast with your friends, there’s nothing quite like spending an afternoon on the sand and in the surf. And while we like to think we’re minimalist sun goddesses, the truth is we inevitably haul a whole bag of necessities with us to keep our hair and skin protected and looking their best. No apologies here! If you’re in the market for a few new product recommendations to keep your beach beauty game on point, check out  our favorites below.

Sachajuan Leave-In Conditioner: Being a blonde is no joke in the summer. If you are coloring your hair and spending a lot of time in the ocean, proper hydrating and protection products are essential to the strength and health of your hair. The sun’s intense heat and the salt water’s (arguably amazing) drying properties will leave your hair in the dust if you am not spraying constantly. This leave-in literally smells like you just left the salon and is not too slimy or over-softening. You can fully go from day to night without worrying about your hair if you use this throughout the day.

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Nuxe Body Oil : This is an old classic, but honestly, it is absolute a favorite. There is nothing better than feeling the slight crisp of a tan after a long day on the beach and giving yourself a boost of shine and glow (and amazing scent) on your way out. This product is fair game for any day at the beach!

 Ouai Leave-In Conditioner : Although I truly feel like my best self at the beach, my hair will say otherwise. Between the ample sunlight and ocean water, my mane has the tendency to become dry and brittle (i.e., the total opposite of the ideal mermaid locks). This is why I always carry my favorite leave-in conditioner for a post-swim spritz. Trust me, your hair will thank you later…


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