Summer feet ready

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Summer feet ready: Do you get goosebumps at the word feet?

Summer feet ready: Time to take a good look at your walkers and give them a pampering session.

Be nice to them because they take you everywhere.

Feet – just like your hands – deserve some extra attention this time of year. They are still your business card in all that cool (bare) summer footwear. A visit to the pedicure does wonders, especially if she immediately smears a lick of paint on your nails. But you also come a long way yourself.

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Summer feet ready

1. Give your feet air

Literally. First of all, no foot is happy to be stuffed in too-tight shoes in warm weather. Let those feet flutter and put on flip flops or peep toes. A little fresh air also benefits the smell of your feet. Don’t forget to change shoes every day!

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2. Through the car wash with scrub

Dry feet especially love to be exfoliated. It makes them soft and smooth and you will see that they look a lot better afterward. You can exfoliate your feet with a special foot scrub (often with a hint of peppermint in it, for a fresh feeling) or with regular body scrub. You can also easily make your own foot scrub, from a little coconut oil and sugar. Do you want a nice scent? Then you can add some lavender oil to it.

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3. Pumice stone

With a block of pumice stone you can easily remove calluses. Make sure to soak your feet well in a warm bath so that the skin becomes soft. Then you can attack the calluses with the pumice stone. Sand!

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4. Grease them

Lubricating your feet every day with cream makes them wonderfully soft and ensures that the soles of your feet no longer look so dry.

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5. Foot mask

Look, you’ve probably smeared countless masks on your face. But have you ever tried a foot mask? It is relaxing and gives your skin a boost. If you have very dry feet, you can also purchase a greasy foot cream, rub your feet liberally and then sleep with cotton socks. The next morning the cream is absorbed and your feet are as soft as a feather.

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