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Fendi and Chaos together make technical jewelry

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Fendi and Chaos together make technical jewelry for your phone, laptop, smartwatch, and earplugs

Can anyone remember Inspector Gadget? This Cartoon series from the eighties was about a detective who had all kinds of handy technical Gadgets with him. Fendi collection reminds me of Inspector Gadget when I saw the collection.

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Fendi x Chaos: technical jewelry for your devices

You probably know Fendi as the tasteful Italian fashion house, best known for its traditional crafts. The brand started in 1925 in Rome as a leather handbag maker, which they are still known for.

Karl Lagerfeld has worked as a designer for Fendi since 1965 and has been creative director since 1992. After his death last year, Silvia Venturini Fendi, granddaughter of the founders and for years designer of accessories and menswear. Silvia is now bringing a breath of fresh air to the fashion house through this technical jewelry line in collaboration with chaos.

This label, which has been in existence since 2016, mainly makes technical (travel) products: all kinds of accessories that make your life stylishly easier, such as necklaces and covers for your phone. You can also customize it with your initials on it, like Bella Hadid for example already did.

Fendi understood its appeal, even before we ended up in lockdown with our devices as a window to the rest of the world, and started a collaboration. For the winter collection 2020, they are launching all kinds of accessories for your phone and tablet, among other things. And to make you feel good: they will continue the collaboration for the next summer, we saw during the last fashion week.


 FENDI Airpods Pro Holder


 FENDI I-Phone 11 Pro Pouch


 FENDI Touch Screen Pen Charm


 FENDI Laptop Cover


 FENDI iPhone 11 Pro Cover

Fendi and Chaos together make technical jewelry for your phone, laptop, smartwatch, and earplugs

Device pen as earing and bags for your phone and earplugs

About the current winter collection: There is a gold-colored mini bag where you can put your devices in. There is a ring on the handle chain, you can click it on your large handbag. This also applies to many of the items in this collection: You can easily click them together to make a kind of jewelry. For example, there is a smartwatch case or a kind of box for your smartwatch, that technical clock suddenly becomes as chic as an old fashioned pocket watch, but new-fashioned. 

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We stimulate your imagination even further. What about a touchscreen pen that allows you to scribble on your devices, but which can also be worn as an earring? The smartest item has to be the aforementioned leather case containing different sizes of small stainless steel glasses: according to the makers, the perfect item for both your shots of green juice in the morning and a cheeky drink after work. 

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