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Find out how healthy your hair is

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With this simple test, you can find out how healthy your hair is

You can determine the state of your hair’s porosity within a minute.

Dry locks or split ends: we’ve all been there. With nourishing shampoos, moisturizing conditioners, and boosting hair masks, we try to keep our beloved locks radiant all year round. Everything for healthy hair. But how can you actually determine if your hair is actually healthy? Or put more elegantly: how can you find out about the porosity of your hair?

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By finding out the porosity level of your hair, you can find out whether your locks can absorb moisture well and whether they can retain moisture well. The lower the porosity of your mane, the better. In that case, your hair retains the necessary moisture but does not allow moisture from the outside just like that. This is not the case with a high porosity. Moisture is then admitted too easily and not properly retained. It often results in dry and damaged hair.

The test

Pull a hair out of your head and fill a bowl with water. Then drop that one hair into the bowl and observe what happens.

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With a high porosity, the hair sinks almost immediately to the bottom of the bowl. With a medium porosity, your hair floats for a while and then hangs in the middle. Does your hair float on top of the water? Then this means that your hair has a low porosity and that it is therefore healthy.

Find out how healthy your hair is:


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What to do with a high porosity?

Fortunately, there are things you can do when the porosity level of your luscious locks is high. It is important to fill ‘gaps’ that have formed in the hair cuticles and you can do this with leave-in conditioners, hair oils, and hair butter, such as shea butter.

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