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Get a glowing skin with your make-up.

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Get a glowing skin with your make-up, here are tips and tricks:

The makeup trends for spring-summer 2020 play with contrasts. For example, it is very nice to combine a tough, punky eyeliner with a radiant and lovely made-up skin.

Make-up tip 1: mixes for radiant skin (for women of any age)

The skin has a fresh and young appearance,  “This is not only a model for young girls, for models 17, 18, 20, but for women of all ages.”


MAKE-UP TRICK: go for a transparent but at the same time well-hydrated make-up. The shine is OVER the skin, BUT THROUGH – through the transparent foundation – a well-hydrated skin is visible. You can achieve this effect by MIXING a liquid foundation (MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation) with a primer ( MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance ). The primer provides that beautiful hydrated effect and the transparent effect of the foundation.

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Get a glowing skin with your make-up.

Make-up tip 2: highlight

“Next you will highlight, You do this for various reasons: to put that natural, fresh shine over the skin, but also to strengthen the cheekbones, the Cupid’s arch of the mouth and the nose bridge and to reduce the volumes that sometimes come with applying the foundation. recovering a little. “

MAKE-UP TRICK: Use a cream-colored highlighter in a soft color (here: MAC Cream Color Base in the color Pearl). Mix the highlighter with your liquid foundation for an ultra-light effect.

Make-up tip 3: eyeliner tricks 

“Eyeliner is a makeup trend that will never disappear. There are different types of eyeliner: a 50s eyeliner, a 60s eyeliner, a 70s eyeliner, and so on. The makeup trends for spring-summer 2020 also play with eyeliners. For the Blumarine fashion show for spring-summer 2020 I gave the classic eyeliner a punky twist by straightening the line. This makes the appearance very tough and strong. ” MAC PRO Longwear Fluidline

MAKE-UP TRICK: use an eyeliner in gel form. This eyeliner smears less quickly and is easier to correct with a cotton swab than a liquid pen eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner with a slanted brush. For this kind of straight, strong eyeliners there is also a second trick: start at the outer corners of the eyes, continue the line along your upper lashes and then connect it with the line from the inner corners of your eyes. “


good luck with it?

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