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Diy Give yourself a pedicure, this is how you do it

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Diy Give yourself a pedicure: After these steps, you will have pudgy feet again.

You don’t have to keep socks on 24/7 or forgo stylish sandals as the weather begins to warm.

As tempting as it is to dish out money for a salon pedicure (with the soaking, foot scrubbing, massage) it’s not always doable, especially when you already splurged on makeup or clothing at the beginning of the week and are left to question your self-control. So if you currently find yourself in a similar position and are in desperate need of a Pedi, we’re here to prove that it’s possible to achieve salon-quality results at home.

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As long you have a handful of tools, it’s relatively easy to DIY a pedicure at home. At bare minimum, you’ll want to have nail clippers, a file, a base coat, a topcoat, and some pretty springy polish handy. Other supplies, like a foot bath, cuticle oil, and a foot file for removing calluses are optional but nice to have. Without it, you can still achieve a long-lasting, professional Pedi, but these extra items do make the beauty treatment more therapeutic and take the overall results up a notch.

 You can of course have your feet taken care of in a salon, but giving yourself a pedicure is actually just as easy. These are the ten steps, including product recommendations.

Diy Give yourself a pedicure

Step 1: Prepare your nails for a pedicure

Let’s start at the beginning. Chances are that there is still old nail polish on your toes … It needs to be removed. Preferably remove it with an acetone-free nail polish remover, and make sure that all the polish is off your nails. 

Step 2: Soak your feet

The spa treatment can begin! For the full experience, you can find candles, put on some nice music, light incense and pour a glass of wine. In any case, you should prepare a large bowl or bucket of (lukewarm) warm water; your feet need to soak for five to 10 minutes to soften your cuticles, then dry one foot at a time. If you have cuticle remover at home apply around the cuticles and onto heels to help smooth rough feet and remove calluses.

Step 3: Remove dead skin

To get your feet completely soft again, you need to remove dead skin cells and calluses. A pumice stone is a good tool for this. Rub the porous stone over your heels and other areas of your foot that have suffered, such as the side of your big toe

Step 4: cut nails

Cut your nails to the length you want. And don’t worry about the edges and corners just yet, because they will come in the next step.

Diy Give yourself a pedicure

Step 5: File your nails.

Now about those edges and corners; file your nails.  fold yourself a bit so that you can easily reach your toes, and take your time. Make sure your nails are all the same length and no more annoying hooks or corners.

Step 6: Soften your cuticles

Your feet are now quite soft, but your cuticles could probably use a little extra love. 

Step 7: Give yourself a little massage.

Massage your feet with a body lotion or foot cream. You can also take your calves with you right away if you really go for it. Massage for as long as you want and enjoy! It feels good and moisturizes and helps blood circulation. Your feet will be completely ready for the next walk.

Step 8: Apply a thin layer of base coat.

Take a cotton ball and nail polish remover or acetone, and go over your bare nails; this way they become grease-free and they grab the nail polish better. Then start with a base coat, so that your nails are protected from the color of your nail polish. 

Step 9: Apply polish

Use toe spreaders or roll up a paper towel and braid it between your toes, giving each nail two thin coats of polish.

Step 10: Apply topcoat

Another crucial step to make polish last: the topcoat. A thin layer of topcoat helps seal everything in and prevents premature chipping. Let dry—do a touch test at 10 to 15 minutes, though 20 to 30 minutes is ideal, particularly if you’re putting socks or shoes on.

Diy Give yourself a pedicure

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