Gucci launches a renewed platform

Gucci launches renewed platform Gucci Equilibrium for a better world.

much has changed since Alessandro Michele became Gucci’s creative director. Alessandro wants to improve the world with Gucci and does so by launching less seasonal collections and shows. But not only the collections are being redesigned because Gucci launches the platform Gucci Equilibrium.

With the platform, they want to contribute to a better world and reduce the impact on the environment.

Gucci Equilibrium

The platform is not completely new, because Gucci already launched it in 2018. Equilibrium is an (online) community that brings together multiple votes and discusses various topics. And if you think it’s about the latest fashion trends, you’re wrong. Gucci Equilibrium mainly deals with subjects from human to planet.

Gucci launched a new Instagram account last week to breathe new life into the platform. On Instagram, they share the brand’s new initiatives and sustainability goals. Not only is sustainability high on the agenda of the fashion brand, gender equality also plays a major role for Gucci.

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Gucci launches a renewed platform:


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Fair and better

The brand strives to contribute to a cleaner and fairer world. “People and Planet #GucciEquilibrium is @ gucci’s commitments and actions to reduce its environmental footprint and protect nature, while supporting people’s rights and championing inclusivity and respect, so that everyone in the global #GucciCommunity is free to express their authentic, diverse selves,” the brand writes on Instagram.

According to CEO Marco Bizzarri, it goes further than just a cleaner and fairer world. “Gucci is driven by the issues that are fundamentally influencing and creating our collective future. It is paramount that we build this future to be more equitable, where injustice and discrimination in all their forms are not allowed to prevail. In light of current events, our unwavering commitment to combat racism and fight for equality is now even stronger, ”referring to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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