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Gucci new gender-neutral clothing section

Gucci launches a new gender-neutral clothing section

“Gucci MX is a space that welcomes all people”

Issues surrounding gender are increasingly being included in the fashion world; from the growing number of unisex collections within brands to the launch of a gender-neutral fashion week as seen at London Fashion Week. As one of the first major luxury fashion houses, Gucci embraces gender-fluid and non-binary fashion enthusiasts by creating a gender-neutral clothing section called Gucci MX.

Gucci launches ‘Gucci MX’

Now more than ever, it is the task of fashion brands to reflect society in the best and most inclusive way possible. Gucci is known for celebrating identity, through campaigns and collections that convey an inclusive vision. It therefore feels appropriate for creative director Alessandro Michele to create a brand new online section called Gucci MX, fully dedicated to gender-neutral, non-binary items ranging from clothing, accessories, shoes and bags. There is one bag design in particular that is central; the iconic The Jackie 1961 – a bag that reigned supreme in the 1960s and was named after Jackie Kennedy, which is now being specially relaunched.

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The Italian fashion house announced in a press statement that they make clothes for everyone, which is why they started this groundbreaking project: “Gucci’s collections are meant to deconstruct preconceived binaries and ask us how these concepts relate to our bodies The fashion house celebrates self-expression in the name of full gender equality and presents MX. ” The new environment has been launched on the website, where the campaign can also be seen. These images also feature non-binary models dressed in the unisex items of the fashion house, photographed by Angelo Pennetta with art direction by Christopher Simmonds.

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First luxury fashion house

With this new project, Gucci is the first major luxury fashion house to devote a special section to gender-neutral clothing aimed at customers who identify as non-binary. “The MX project plays with the constructive nature of gender and underlines the performative nature of the clothing we wear, presenting masculinity and femininity as relative concepts,” said Gucci. “MX defies existing traditional stereotypes and celebrates freedom and self-expression.” The new section will be supplemented every season with new designs and accessories, derived from the existing men’s and women’s collections. You can now find Gucci MX on Gucci’s website.

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