herringbone braid easy to Diy

herringbone braid is a braid with its own technique. It looks complicated but everyone can learn this braid.

Important with this technique is that you have the strands well under control. You braid with four strands. Because you braid with four strands, you get the specific structure that gives the braid its name. Furthermore, you must determine in advance whether you want to make a coarse or fine fishbone.

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You must take into account the thickness of the hair strands. You can really go in different directions with the herringbone braid you can braid the herringbone braid from the top so you get the French herringbone braid. At the French herringbone braid, you first grab some larger hair strands and then move on to some thinner hair strands. This way you get a nice French braid, this is one of the easiest braids.

Before you can vary with this braid you first have to make sure that you have mastered the braiding technique well. Only then can you do all kinds of fun things with your hair. In this article, you will read step by step how to make the herringbone braid.


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 Step 1 – the start

Get your hair together and divide it into two equal parts. Comb your hair with a comb for a neat braid. Do you want a casual effect? Then comb your hair with your hands.
For fluffy hair it is best to first use a hair serum before you make the herringbone braid.

Step 2 – grab hair 
Grab a tuft of hair from the outside from the left or right and hit it from the top to the other side. Grab the new tuft together with the rest of that part of your hair and tighten the strand well. Repeat the previous step in the same way, but now from the other side. Keep repeating the steps until you find that the braid is long enough. For a fine herringbone braid, make the tufts as thin as possible. Do you want a coarser herringbone braid? Then make the bait thicker.

Step 3 – the finish
If you find the braid long enough then you can secure the herringbone braid with an elastic band. Spray some hair spray over it so that the braid stays in place. You can of course brighten up the herringbone braid by, for example, putting a hair bow in it or another accessory, it is of course what you like to do in your hair.


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Extra tips for a beautiful herringbone braid

-Comb the hair well before you make the herringbone braid.

-use a hair serum to prevent fluffy hair.

-divide the hair by 2 equal parts so you get a very beautiful herringbone braid.

-For a sloppy herringbone braid, comb the hair through with your hands.

-You can make the braid look nice with a nice ribbon or something else that you can place in the hair.


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