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How do you achieve “glass skin” at home Diy

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How do you achieve “glass skin” at home Diy

It’s been a few years since Korean skin care first landed on our radars (also known as our Twitter and Instagram feeds), but the beauty world’s collective fascination for all things K-beauty shows no signs of slowing down. 

What is “Glass Skin”? Why you need to know about this  K-Beauty Trend

“Glass Skin” is literally as its name suggests, is when your skin is at its very healthies, skin that resembles glass. It means that it looks completely flawless, poreless, clear and translucent with not a blemish in sight.

The complexion should look ridiculously radiant and decadently dewy, with a focus on hydration and glow-inducing product

Lemon, your youth ally

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, the fruit of the lemon tree is a natural remedy recommended to fight against the signs of aging. And for good reason, it contains a large amount of antioxidants, essential substances to fight against free radicals responsible for diseases and premature cell aging. Acid citrus also acts by boosting the production of collagen, in order to preserve the elasticity of the skin. According to this studies, the ingestion and application of vitamin C can fight the body against finelines and sagging skin. 

Lemon, an anti-imperfection remedy

The natural acids of the fruit of the lemon tree act by mattifying the skin thanks to its regulating action of the sebum, the lipid film of the skin which, secreted in excess can favor the appearance of the pimples and the black spots. According to this studies lemon acts effectively against the appearance of acne, a dermatological disorder common in oily skin. 

Lemon, to lighten the skin

For stubborn scars, lemon is a natural remedy. In addition to lightening the complexion naturally, the citrus has proven healing properties. According to this studies, the application of lemon can whiten the skin. Reason enough to invite lemons more often to our beauty rituals!

The benefits of petrolatum

Vaseline, a moisturizing agent

External aggressions can weaken our skin and dry it up. To deeply hydrate the skin, vaseline is a recommended product. And for good reason, this fatty product protects the drier areas of the face. Vaseline prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin. According to this studies jelly is a better moisturizer than olive oil, also used for its nourishing properties.

Petrolatum, a local anti-cicatrisant

Rich in vitamin A and B, petroleum jelly deserves a place in our beauty rituals. Its moisturizing properties also help treat superficial wounds and stubborn scars. This jelly is recommended after hair removal to soothe the skin and eliminate the feeling of tightness. According to this studies paraffin is used to treat postoperative scars.

How to make my beauty mask? 

To observe conclusive results on your skin, we advise you to buy ingredients of biological origin.


-The juice of half a lemon

– A teaspoon of Vaseline


In a bowl, mix the lemon juice with the petrolatum until a thick and homogeneous paste is obtained.

Use : 

With a brush, apply the preparation on the face. Let the mask rest for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash your face with your usual cleanser.

Caution :

– Because of its oily texture, it is not recommended to apply this treatment more than once a week because it can have a comedogenic effect.

– Do not apply this treatment before exposure to the sun because the lemon is photo-sensitizing.

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