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How do you choose the best travel insurance

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6 tips: how do you choose the best travel insurance?

How do you choose the best travel insurance: What a wonderful feeling; your holiday has been booked! You can already see yourself completely lying on that beautiful beach, but before you go there are a few things to think about. You may have to arrange a visa, go to the doctor for vaccinations and then you also have the stress of having to take everything with you. Something you should definitely not forget is to take out travel insurance! But how do you choose the best travel insurance  for your trip? We give you six tips.

1. Map out what you want to insure

First, try to consider which items you want to insure. For example, are you taking your expensive camera with you? Or your tablet? Then it is best to take some valuables with you. Travel insurance is a good idea.

Also, check what you have already insured with other policies. You may already be insured for travel-related risks through your car insurance or additional health insurance. Being overinsured is always a shame.

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2. Think about the risk you run

Unfortunately, the chance that something happens to you during your holiday is always present. For many people, this is the most important factor in purchasing travel insurance. If you fall ill or have an accident in another country, the costs can be high. It is annoying enough when something like this happens, you don’t want to worry about the costs too. Therefore, take out travel insurance.

If you have booked your holiday and know where you are going, it is smart to first check the current travel advice. Some countries may be excluded from coverage due to local circumstances or negative travel advice. It is therefore important that you check the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before your trip.

6 tips: how do you choose the best travel insurance?

3. Read carefully about the various travel insurance policies

Travel insurance policies may differ. So read carefully about the policy and premium conditions and see which travel insurance suits you well.

4. Choose the factors you need

What do you want to insure yourself for? There are several things you can include in your travel insurance. These include medical expenses, accidents, adventure (winter) sports,  cancellation, motorist assistance, replacement transport, motor vehicle repatriation service, and legal assistance.

5. Opt (in most cases) for a continuous travel insurance policy

There are two types of travel insurance. The short-term insurance and comprehensive insurance. Short-term travel insurance is only advantageous if you only go away for a weekend or a short vacation once a year. When you opt for a continuous travel insurance policy, you are insured all year round. Whether you are going to travel through Azia, go camping for a weekend in own country, or go to Rome for a midweek. 

Please note, if you go on holiday outside of Europe you must have worldwide coverage. Also, look at the maximum consecutive travel time. Often you can only travel for two consecutive months, so this is good to know if you are planning to take a tour.

6. Go for travel insurance that reimburses the deductible with your health insurer

Note: not all health insurance reimburse the deductible of your health insurance. This means that even if you, as a holidaymaker, have travel insurance with medical costs, you still have to pay a part yourself. So make sure that your travel insurance policy covers the deductible with your health insurance company.


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