How do you protect your hair against chlorine and seawater
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How do you protect your hair against chlorine and seawater

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The best hacks: How do you protect your hair against chlorine and seawater

Summer is in the air and that means sunbathing, a day at the beach, or relaxing next to the pool. We love summer, but unfortunately, our hair is a little less so. That’s why we share the best hack to protect your hair from chlorine and seawater.

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Your hair has to endure a lot in the summer. Think of the summer cocktail of bright sunlight, chlorinated water, wind, and salty seawater. All fantastic, and we wouldn’t want to be without it, but it can be quite intense for your haircut. That is why it is good to know how you can best protect your hair against these summer factors.

Conditioner as a remedy for dry hair

If you want your hair to stay healthy, from now on, put a bottle of conditioner in your beach bag as standard. Not for after swimming in chlorinated or seawater, but as protection beforehand. This way you feed your hair before it even comes into contact with the bad factors from the outside.

Conditioner’s role is to increase the moisture content of the hair and improve its elasticity, smooth the cuticle, and soften the hair fiber. The result is soft, shiny hair that stays healthy even when it comes into contact with chlorine.

Which conditioner should I use?

There are different types of conditioners on the market, so let’s take a look at the best options:

  • Normal conditioner protects your hair sufficiently if you come into contact with chlorine or seawater once.
  • Leave-in conditioners are a step higher, because you don’t rinse this conditioner out in the shower but leave it in your hair.
  • deep conditioner protects and nourishes your hair even better. Do not use a deep conditioner too often, because that can give your hair an overload of nutrition (and you can see that).

Do you want to protect your hair even better in the sun? Always opt for a hat or a cap. Not only can your scalp burn, but also your hair, resulting in a dry, fluffy cut.


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