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How to create a natural make-up look

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Would you also like a natural-looking make-up look? A natural look is very popular, also with all Hollywood stars and models.

How to create a natural make-up look: A beautiful smooth skin with a natural fresh finish, without looking like you have a make-up mask on your face. We tell you how to make the perfect natural make-up look!


To avoid the fine lines, we recommend that you use cream products because powder products are faster between the fine lines. If you have an even skin of your own, you can use fine powder products. The trick is to use a thin layer of everything, which keeps it looking natural. A creamy finish remains the best for all skin types, cream has a shiny finish which provides a natural and fresh effect.


Start with a primer so that your makeup lasts longer and longer. A primer is a great advantage with a natural make-up look; it fills your pores and gives a healthy look. For example, use the primer with a multifunctional effect. This product acts as a primer, day cream, and mask at the same time, brightening the complexion and boosting the skin making it look plumper and hydrated.


Now comes the foundation. Use a lightly covering foundation, BB-cream / CC-cream, or a tinted day cream. A nice product is, for example, The Balm tinted moisturizer, which is caring, offers protection against UV radiation, and provides a beautifully natural and even finish. Furthermore, it is of course important that the color matches your own skin tone.


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Concealer is a must in this makeup look. Apply the concealer on spots, such as pimples or red spots. Before applying, use the brush and your finger for a natural finish


A blush gives just that little bit of color which makes you look healthy and is really a must in a natural make-up look. Blush ensures that you get shape in your face and that you look a lot more lively. With a blush, you have to be careful because it can predominate quickly. A creamy blush is perfect for this natural make-up look. It gives you that natural finish again. The Pixi Multibalm Blush, for example, is a good choice! It is a multifunctional blush because you can also use it as a lip balm. The cream to powder formula gives color when you apply it on your face. The multi balm is protective for the lips and gives the cheeks and lips a nice warm color with a shiny effect.


Using eyeshadow is not necessarily necessary with this look, but it is of course allowed. Use a light eyeshadow for the base of the eye, it should also contain a little bit of shimmer. Then you can draw a thin line along your upper lash line with a black or brown eye pencil. If you don’t have an eye pencil, you can use a dark eyeshadow. Liquid eyeliner is a bit too much for this make-up look. Under your eyes, you can create an accent with the same eyeshadow that you used for your eyelid, but keep it soft. Finally, put a little mascara on your eyes


Your eyebrows are one of the most important elements of your face. They really shape your face. To apply your eyebrows, use a light eyeshadow or brow powder that is slightly lighter than your eyebrow color or use a light pencil to color your eyebrows. The idea is that you replenish your eyebrows and do not completely redesign, especially if you already have full eyebrows. Then you comb your eyebrows in shape and if you want, you can last use an eyebrow gel that keeps your eyebrows in shape all day, such as ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Clear Brow Gel


To keep the lips as natural as possible, use a lip balm or lipstick that matches your natural lip color. Before applying, use your finger and gently press the product against your lips or apply it to your lips and bite a few times in a tissue or toilet paper. In any case, make sure that the effect remains soft and not too noticeable. The use of a lip plumper gives a little extra. Like the Barry M That Swell Plumping Lip Gloss, a transparent lip gloss that softens and plumps your lips

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