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Ingrown hair after shaving?

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Ingrown hair after shaving? With these tips, you will never suffer from that again

If you shave, you will recognize it: ingrown hair. And that is anything but pleasant. Whether it’s an ingrown hair in your armpit or bikini line, it doesn’t feel good and you just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here you will find useful tips to prevent ingrown hairs and how to get rid of them!

Tips against an ingrown hair

1. Always shave wet

Wet hair is easier to handle with a razor. When the hairs are dry, they are coarser and you are much more likely to have ingrown hair.

2. Shave in the right direction 

By shaving against the hair, you increase the chance of ingrowth. Your skin is damaged, inflamed, and irritated. Even the direction of growth can change. That also makes your skin restless. Shaving with the hair may not provide the smoothest skin, but it is much better.

3. Wear loose clothes

If you wear tight pants or underwear, you compress the hair in your pubic area. The looser and better the fabric (cotton underpants for example), the less you will suffer from ingrown hair.

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4. Shave less smoothly

Try not to shave too close. If you do this, you will break the hairs too close to the surface of the skin and it is much more likely that they will grow inward. And that means ingrown hair.

5. Use a razor with one blade 

Shaving with multiple blades is more likely to cause ingrown hairs than a single-blade razor. If you shave with multiple blades, you break the hair in different ways. This way they can become too short, which in turn causes ingrowth.

6. Use good razors blades

The quality of disposable blades is still less than the slightly more expensive razor blades. Typically, the disposable item will give you ingrown hair faster than a razor designed to last longer. You can usually replace the shaving head. Do this regularly to prevent bluntness of the blade – and indirectly also ingrown hair.

7. Use a sharp razor

As we briefly mentioned above: dull razors are the biggest culprits. If your hair does not break tightly because of this but remains under the skin with a thin end, it will be difficult for them to grow out.

8. Clean your skin regularly 

If your skin is not clean, pores can become clogged more easily. And be an obstacle to the hair that has to grow out. In addition, it is of course also the case that you are less likely to have inflammation if you keep your skin clean.

9. Soften your skin before shaving 

Shower products that are oil-based and/or other natural soaps care for and soften your skin. If your skin is softer, the hair will last much smoother and it will not be damaged.

10. Remove dead skin cells

If you regularly remove dead skin cells with a scrub, you will have fewer problems with uneven pores. These irregularities make it more difficult for the hair to grow through the skin surface. The younger the skin cells, the smoother your skin will be.


Preventing an ingrown hair

1. Use specialty products

Apply products that are specially made for the healing of ingrown hairs on your skin.

2. Drink enough water and eat healthy fats

Drink enough water and eat enough healthy fats. If your fat and moisture levels are good, your skin is healthy and good too. This way you have much less problems with ingrown hair.

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3. Hydrate your skin

Take care of your sensitive skin by lubricating it with cream; avoid products containing alcohol, which dry out your skin.

4. Tweezer or needles

Remove ingrown hair? Remove the ingrown hair with tweezers or a needle. Make sure to clean them well before you open your skin. If you don’t do this properly, you can regrow hair and leave scars.

5. Skin mask

It may sound crazy, but honey, clay or olive oil skin masks also help. They make the skin softer and easier to handle.

6. Scrub

Scrub and peel your skin once in a while to make your troubled skin more even. Ultimately, the ingrown hair comes out more beautifully.

7. Professional help

If you really cannot get rid of ingrown hair, visit a doctor or beautician. This can remove the ingrown hair professionally.

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