Is The Sun Bad For The Scalp
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Is The Sun Bad For The Scalp?

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Is The Sun Bad For The Scalp? These are the tips to prevent a burned scalp

Is the sun bad for the scalp? After a spring full of rain and gray skies, the weather forecasts are finally great. A blue sky, almost no clouds, and plenty of sun, we love it. And although we put on sunscreen, there is one area of ​​the skin that we all forget: the scalp.

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Rub your scalp with sunscreen is not an option – after all, you want no sunscreen in your hair because yikes you never get out again. And that while protecting your scalp from the sun is so important.

Protect your scalp from the sun

The most obvious option is of course wearing a hat or cap. Our preference is always a fashionable sun hat that also protects your shoulders, ears, and the back of your neck from the sun. Say bye-bye burnt scalp.

Would you rather not wear a hat? Then you can opt for a spray sunscreen. This means you don’t have to put a white layer of sunscreen in your hair, but you spray the parts that burn the fastest with a thin layer of protection.

Is the sun bad for the scalp?

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If you think that your hair offers protection against the power of the sun – that’s right. In principle, your hair is a natural barrier between UV rays and your scalp, but if you have spots with thinner hair on your head or places where you wear a parting, for example, then that spot remains exposed and the risk of burning becomes free.

Take care of a burned scalp

For starters, it’s important to drink plenty of water after you’ve been out in the sun for a long time. Make sure that the water level in your body is completely replenished. Does the burned skin hurt? Then you can choose to use anti-inflammatory medication.

To take good care of your hair, it is best to use a nourishing mask with proteins for dry and porous hair. This is how you restore the hair from the inside out.

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