It is better not to epilate these spots

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 It is better not to epilate these spots

It is better not to pluck hair in these places.

If you are frequently in the back with tweezers, you want to know the next. Did you know, for example, that it is better not to pluck certain places on your body? This could be bad for your health. Curious which hairs should not be removed? Here they come:

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Grey hairs

Spotted a gray hair? According to some, it is not a good idea to pull the hair in question out of your head, because it would have two gray hairs in return. However, this is a fable. However, it is not smart to remove the gray hair. This damages the follicle, which can cause a bald spot.

Nose hairs

Don’t you like those hairs in your nose? Too bad, but don’t pull it out. The hairs in your nose keep bacteria from entering the ‘warning triangle’ – the blood flow between our mouth, nose, and brain. Let things sit and cut any protruding hair a bit shorter if necessary.



Hair in your birthmark

You may have heard it: plucking hair in moles can cause cancer. However, this has never been proven according to scientific research. Yet it is not wise to epilate a number of hairs from a mole without thought. It is possible to epilate the hair in this place, but do this at all times with clean tweezers and check the birthmark regularly. See a doctor if it changes shape or color.

Armpit hair

Although it seems extremely painful to us, some are brave enough to epilate their underarm hair. Still, according to experts, this is not a good idea. The chance of bumps and ingrown hairs are soon lurking in this place. Therefore choose another method such as waxing, shaving, or lasering.

 It is better not to epilate these spots

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