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This foot bath against calluses

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This foot bath against calluses. Simply because your feet deserve it

Recommended: this foot bath against calluses. Simply because your feet deserve it. And you make this foot bath very easily yourself, you probably have the ingredients in the cupboard. you will get dry and rough calluses that are also clearly visible. Fortunately, with this “pedicure hack” you can easily get started yourself and you will have soft feet again in no time.

The secret of this great pedicure session? Mouthwash!
Yes, you read that right: mouthwash is the magic agent in this foot bath. That bottle of Listerine is more useful than a breath of fresh air.

This is how you proceed: 

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Take a bowl that is large enough to soak your feet and fill it with:

1.a cup of mouthwash the blue Listerine seems to work best, (make sure the mouthwash contains benzoic acid)
2. a cup of white vinegar
3. warm water (as much as needed, until your feet are submerged)

Now let your feet bathe for at least fifteen minutes and if all is well, the calluses will soon come loose a little. Is it bad for your feet? Extend the leg bath with another 15 minutes.

Why does this foot bath work against calluses?
Both Listerine and vinegar contain non-aggressive acids that exfoliate your skin. At the same time, the mouthwash also has a refreshing effect and gives tired feet energy again. After this foot bath against calluses, I always go to work fanatically with a large file and a pedal. Of course, I don’t take away too much, because a small layer of calluses provides the necessary natural protection at the pressure points of the foot.

Will you also try this foot bath against calluses? I am very curious about what you think.

enjoy your foot bath.


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