Make-up brushes: what do you use them for?

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We use various make-up brushes and tools every day.

At least three different types of brushes are already used for one eye look. And then we haven’t even talked about the difference in brushes for powder and cream products. Are you already confused? Do not panic! AZ explains in great detail which make-up brushes you can use best and what exactly they serve.

You apply a foundation with…

Opinions are rather divided on how to properly apply foundation. First look at the type of foundation you are dealing with before you get started with brushes or other tools. Do you use a liquid foundation? Then the Beauty Blender could be the ultimate match for the even application of the product you have chosen. The Beautyblender Original is a soft sponge in the shape of a pointed egg. This makeup tool can be used both dry and moist for the flawless application of liquid makeup products.

Although the majority opts for a Beauty Blender, the flat-cut foundation brushes are also very popular for applying foundation. Whether you use a foundation in cream or powder form, with a good foundation brush you achieve the most natural and streak-free result possible. Always choose a brush with the hairs placed close together. This way you prevent spots and streaks and make your skin as smooth as possible. The Flawless Foundation Flat Top Brush is an example of such a brush. This brush is made of synthetic hair and with this, you hide all unwanted irregularities with an airbrushed finish as a result.

Apply the highlighter with.

Just like foundation, highlighter with different types of brushes is applied. A fan brush is a popular example of this. Fan brushes are, as it were, thin fan brushes with which you can distribute highlighter very precisely and nicely over your cheekbones. With a fan brush, you generally achieve a more neutral coverage. This type of brush is therefore ideal for creating a subtle glow. The Fan Brush is a sturdy brush that is put together from a mix of synthetic and natural hair. With this brush, you apply powder-based products gradually and subtly. In addition, the brush can also be used to remove fall-out under your eyes.

In addition to fan brushes, tapered brushes are also widely used for applying and distributing highlighter. Because the shape of this type of highlight brushes has a more accurate tip, the highlighter can be applied more intensively. Ideal for a beautiful glow! The Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush is an example of such a narrow tapered brush. With this brush, you can not only give the cheekbones but also the nose bridge, the forehead, and the cupid bow with a nice shine. The brush is made of special SigmaTech fibers that ensure that creamy and powder products are not absorbed by the brush. In this way, you only need a little product to achieve the ultimate result!


Applying eyeliner with…

If you use an eyeliner pen you can of course skip this step. Yet there are many make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts who use a gel liner from a jar. To create the tightest line possible, you naturally need an extremely thin brush. This can be a diagonally cut brush or a brush with a thin tapered tip. The Nanshy Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush – Onyx Black is, as the name suggests, a curved brush that ensures a precise application of eyeliner. Thanks to the thin tip, this brush is very handy for creating a sleek and thin line. To ensure that you do not accidentally color your eyelid black during the application, the special bend is made in the brush. This should prevent any outliers.

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Another type of brush with which the eyeliner can be accurately applied is a diagonally cut brush. One that most people also use to color their eyebrows. Thanks to the wide slanting tip you can place your eyeliner very tightly against the eyelash edge. These types of brushes not only work well with gel liners but also with powder and liquid products. The Sigma E68 Line Perfector is a sturdy eyeliner brush with which you can put a clean line both above and below your eyes. Thanks to the shape of this brush, setting a winged liner is a lot smoother.


TIP: The Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush is a silicone eyeliner brush with an extremely thin tip. This allows you to place a tight eyeliner on your eyelash edge very accurately. In addition, the brush is very easy to clean (and keep) because it has no hairs. The silicone brush is very flexible but sturdy enough. This glides over the moving eyelid and thus easily reaches all hard-to-reach spots.

You can create a full face makeup look with ..

It is wonderful to spend hours creating the most creative looks. In addition, you naturally use many different types of makeup brushes. Yet it is sometimes difficult to work with so many brushes at the same time. You always lose one and sometimes an important type of brush is missing in your stash. That is why it is useful to buy a make-up brush set. This way you have all the important brushes together! A brush set with brushes for both eyes and face is the BH Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 Piece Brush Set. The handles of these makeup brushes have a beautiful pink marble print. The makeup brushes themselves are made of soft synthetic hair and help you professionally apply your makeup. The brush set consists of four face brushes and five brushes for applying eye makeup. Ideal!

To ensure that you really do not lose your make-up brushes, we have put together a beautiful brush set that you can store in the enclosed make-up belt bag.

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