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Makeup trends you let your eyes speak

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With these makeup trends, you let your eyes speak

Despite the fact that for the time being there is still a lack of social occasions for which we can dress up, the beauty world is not standing still. The masks will not disappear any time soon, so it’s all about making your eyes speak. And one thing is certain, you will certainly stand out with these beautiful makeup trends.

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The makeup trends for your eyes this year are all about color, think vibrant purple eyeliner and shimmery gold eyeshadow.

The most beautiful makeup trends to make your eyes speak

Do you want to be completely inspired by the latest beauty looks? You can go in all directions with these make-up trends: from an over the top glitter eyeshadow to neon colors on your eyelid. Take a look at the most beautiful beauty looks.

Green smokey eyes

This makeup trend is all about color. Grab a soft eyeshadow brush and blend the color for a smokey look. In addition, the final result will turn everyone green with envy.

Monochromatic look

This makeup trend is anything but boring. Dab a neon pink shade on your lids and create a cat eye with your brush . Finally, finish the look with a pink lipstick and you’re ready to go.

Sparkling eyes

This makeup trend takes your sparkly eyes to the next level. Use a nude eyeshadow as a base and then dab on a little glitter primer. Then stick the glitter on and around your eyelids and finish your look with a shiny gloss.


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Blue eyelashes

Color doesn’t just have to stay on your lids. This makeup trend makes your lashes speak too. Use a coat (or three) of blue mascara to add a bit of color to your lashes.


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Golden glitter

Striking eyeshadow just for a special occasion? No, it is not. The best thing about this makeup trend is that it brightens up your entire face in an instant. Even if you are wearing a face mask, your eyes will pop with these golden glitter.


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Purple eyeliner

Do you normally go for black eyeliner? Then try something different, like this striking purple shade. For this make-up trend it can be a bit more dramatic and you go for an existing wing. This way you keep your attention all day long.

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