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Natural tips for chapped or rough lips

chapped lips are not something to unpack right away. We have listed a number of natural tips for you so that you can quickly get rid of chapped or rough lips

Do you also regularly suffer from broken lips? Then you know how annoying it is. Chapped lips can also bother you for a long time if you do not treat them correctly.


Cause of chapped lips: Chapped lips have various causes. The most common causes of broken lips are:

Licking Your Lips: Ever noticed that the more you lick it, your lips seem to feel drier? This is because saliva evaporates. Along with the saliva, other moisture also evaporates from your lips. This way your lips will become increasingly dry. By the way, if you bite your lip often, you create the same effect;
dehydration: in the winter months we suffer more from chapped lips. The weather conditions are not tender for your lips. A cold wind, the cold … Each of them has a negative impact on your lips because they have a dehydrating effect. The result is that you quickly walk around with broken lips;

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breathe through your mouth: when you have a cold, it is more difficult to breathe through your nose. This will make you breathe more through your mouth. But the constant airflow passing through your lips dries them out. As a result, you often start licking your lips more, which makes them dry out even more. Is your nose blocked and do you have to breathe through your mouth? Then apply a protective layer of lip balm to prevent chapped lips!

Vitamin B deficiency:

Vitamin B deficiency can result in chapped lips. Certain B vitamins are partly responsible for the condition of your skin.

Favorite natural tips for chapped lips

Below is a list of favorite natural tips for chapped lips:

1.honey: this is a very good natural moisturizer for dry lips. Apply pure honey several times a day to treat broken lips;


2.coconut oil: coconut oil also has a moisturizing effect on your lips. Apply several times a day like a lip balm. Also, use pure coconut oil here!

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Natural tips for chapped or rough lips

3.brown sugar: make a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil. Apply this on your chapped lips several times a day like a scrub. This removes dead skin making your lips feel smoother;

4.castor oil: mix some castor oil with a few drops of lemon juice and glycerin and apply to your lips;

5.Cucumber: Cucumber consists of more than 90% of water. Rub a slice of cucumber over your chapped lips to moisten them;

6.water: as mentioned, chapped lips are often caused by dehydration. Drinking enough water is therefore an important tip for broken lips. Preferably drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. Drinking enough water will keep your lips supple;

7.cream: this contains a lot of fat. That makes it a good moisturizer for your lips. Apply a thin layer of cream on your lips and let it work for ten minutes. Then pat your lips clean with a cotton ball and lukewarm water.

Torn corners of the mouth?

In some people, chapped lips are accompanied by torn corners of the mouth. Torn corners of the mouth can last for a very long time. Sometimes for months! A first warning sign is sensitive corners of the mouth. Just before they tear, the corners of your mouth often feel very sensitive. This is the time to take extra care of the corners of your mouth. Apply lip balm regularly and rinse daily with lukewarm water.

Tips for torn corners of the mouth
Are your corners of the mouth torn? Then it is now important to ensure that the wounds do not tear further. You talk, yawn and eat all day long. So the corners of your mouth are going through a hard time. If a wound is already present, it often opens again and can tear further. Therefore, lubricate the corners of your mouth with udder cream, zinc ointment, or petroleum jelly. This keeps the corners of your mouth flexible so that they are less likely to tear again.

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