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Natural ways to avoid Forehead wrinkles

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Six natural ways to avoid Forehead wrinkles

There are ways to counteract that deep groove.

Natural ways to avoid Forehead wrinkles: It sounds so easy: just go to the clinic, a syringe here and there and that deep wrinkle is gone. This wrinkle that often develops on your forehead, between the eyebrows, can be an eyesore for some. But to get started with the botox right now is often not necessary at all. There are also natural ways to significantly reduce that frown wrinkle.

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1. Be aware of it

When you consciously think about the wrinkle you get when you frown too much, you will be more likely to relax your forehead more. Are you watching a blood-curdling series, are you working concentrated or are you reading a book with just too fine print? In the meantime, think about whether you are frowning or ask your partner to watch for you. By relaxing your muscles in your face more often, that deep wrinkle will be less visible.

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A good one to try while we’re at home: stick a piece of adhesive tape or tape between your eyebrows. This works as a kind of ‘frown alarm’ because you feel it immediately if you contract the muscles in your scalp anyway.

2. Wear sunglasses

With the first rays of the sun, it is best to plant your favorite specimen on your nose. Without sunglasses is a good chance that you will frown a lot and squint, even when the sun is not shining brightly. Sunglasses ensure that you relax your face more often during the day.

3. Give yourself a forehead massage

Or have it done by a professional. A forehead massage not only has a relaxing effect, but it can also ensure that your skin stays younger. Place your thumbs at the top of your nose, just below your eyebrows, and slowly massage your thumbs up towards your forehead.

Sleep on your back

Bad news for stomach and side sleepers: Your sleeping position can make you more likely to develop wrinkles. To reduce wrinkles on your face, it is best to fall asleep on your back so that your face does not touch the pillow.

5. Keep moisturizing 

One of the best means to significantly reduce wrinkles? Moisturize your skin. So moisturize your face in the morning with a moisturizing eye cream, serum, and day cream. This protects your skin from all external influences. In addition, always use a moisturizing night cream before going to sleep. This will ensure that your skin has time to recover at night.

6. Keep moving

Do you exercise regularly to feel better about yourself? Then know that this not only contributes to your fitness and a toned body. By exercising regularly, you also stimulate your blood circulation throughout the body, including your face. By maintaining good blood circulation in your face, wrinkles will develop less quickly. and reduce quickly.

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