Only women understand who always wear black

The following things only women understand who always wear black

Are you someone who always wears black? Whether you just go to work or have a party. You just always wear black. Whether it is high summer of winter, you simply wear this color every day. You, therefore, understand the things that are described better than anyone else. After all, black is also simply the most beautiful color for clothing.
The only thing that has color in your outfit are your jewelry. Silver or gold is striking enough.

In addition to your outfit, you prefer to paint your nails in the color black. Very occasionally dark red is still possible.


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You never have to worry about your outfit, because black is always chic.

Are you still a bit of a klutz and do you often throw something over yourself? Don’t worry, you will hardly notice that with your black clothing!

Your best friends are clothes rollers, so you can see all the fluff on black clothes.

When people ask if you are depressed because you are wearing black again. Man man man …


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In black, your figure will look the best.

You may have two items of color in your closet and when you put them on, everyone suddenly compliments you. Uh, okay …

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When you need something different for a theme party than the color black, you suddenly feel very upset.

You never have problems with your laundry. Because hello: everything goes in the black wash! How useful is that?


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You only get bored of the color black when you find out that your T-shirt is a different color than your black pants after washing a few times. 

Fortunately, you never have the problem that shoes do not fit with your outfit because these too are always black.

When that one nice dress is only available in colors other than black, you are really hard. Then looking for another perfect black dress

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