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Glossier’s new moisturizer for oily summer skin

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Priming Moisturizer Balance, Glossier’s new moisturizer for oily summer skin

Glossier products are basically synonymous with dewy skin, but as anyone with oily or combination skin knows, when you’re already shiny (and perhaps don’t want to be), adding a mattifying powder or primer is sort of non-negotiable. The new Priming Moisturizer Balance works to moisturize, control oil, and keep shine at bay for longer.

Oily skin in warmer months can be more difficult to control and get balanced because when the skin is hotter pores relax and produce more oil. That means more shine and mopping up the T-zone more regularly than you would when it’s cold out.

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Despite the presence of this excess sebum, this skin type still needs hydration and, of course, sun protection, but how to slow that oil flow and avoid a breakout?

To tick all the boxes that oily skin needs in Summer, Glossier has just launched a beauty staple as a solution to shine breakthrough that will help add balance and hydrate at the same time.


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Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance

It’s also a gel-cream formula rather than straight cream, like the previous iterations of the classic moisturizer, and absorbs much more quickly—ideal if you’re in a rush. The added bamboo extract contains amino acids and flavonoids, which are full of antioxidants to combat oxidative stress. There’s also niacinamide, which can minimize the look of large pores, thereby improving your skin’s tone and texture, as well as strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier, in addition to willow bark extract, which contains anti-inflammatory salicin to soothe any irritation.


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Glossier suggests you massage the new balancing primer into clean skin morning and evening for maximum results, but if you already have an established night regime you could keep it solely for using in the morning before makeup. 

If you have combination skin—meaning not every area of your face is oily—this formula might not be enough to keep the parts of your face that are drier adequately hydrated. If that’s your skin type, we think a targeted application is the best way for you to use this moisturizer, meaning apply it to the parts of your face where you see increased oil production (likely in the T-zone of your forehead, nose, and chin), and then use your usual formula on your cheeks, neck, and décolletage. That way you have shine where you want it, but you’ll still look somewhat matte, and your skin will have all the various levels of moisture it craves. 

Photos: Courtesy of Glossier

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