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Suffering from redness in your face? This is how you reduce it

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Suffering from redness in your face

Suffering from redness in your face: In this way, you can finally put an end to itching and redness in your face.

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Yes, they are annoying, but no, unfortunately, you are not alone: redness and/or red spots on the face occur in many people. Fortunately, there are a few ways to redness or sensitivity in the face to reduce, and your natural glow to give a helping hand. 

The appearance of redness on the skin

There are several reasons why people suffer from red dry skin on the face, although the cause is often related to hypersensitive skin. You may suffer from inflammatory disease rosacea or rosacea sensitivity, where the broken capillaries are visible on the skin’s surface. Although ‘milder’ factors are also regularly on the basis, such as temperature changes, emotions (such as stress), exposure to chemicals, and hormones. With sensitive skin, the flared-up redness can linger for a while, while normal skin recovers quickly.

Reduce red spots on the face

Although there is, unfortunately, no single panacea for red, dry skin, or red spots on the face, there are accessible steps that you can always take. Healthy skin starts from within, so it is wise not to smoke and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Also, try not to shower too hot (not above 43 degrees). The hot water removes the natural oils on your skin and promotes blood circulation, resulting in a red face. In addition, perhaps most importantly: reduce stress. Red spots can occur with too much stress. Red stress spots are caused by small inflammations in the body, as a result of a weakened immune system. In short: get rid of stress and maybe it will solve your problem.

Healing ingredients

Meanwhile, there are also a few products that you definitely want to include in your routine. In any case, start every day with an SPF, preferably with a physical filter. When purchasing new products, also check whether they contain alcohol and choose ingredients with a healing effect. Think oats, licorice, green tea, ginger, vitamins C and E, and niacinamide. Because the reaction can still differ greatly per skin, it is advisable to first try the product on a small part of your skin.

Reduce facial redness

Note: if you regularly or always suffer from redness, it is wise to first visit your doctor or dermatologist. For example, redness and red spots on your skin can also be the result of an allergic reaction. They can give you personalized treatment and product advice. Meanwhile.

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