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Reebok and Cardi B launches exclusive sneaker collection

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Reebok and Cardi B launches exclusive sneaker collection

Inspired by Cardi’s iconic style

Reebok once again launching a collaboration with perhaps the most famous person. Cardi B has teamed up with the sneaker brand to launch its first-ever sneaker collection, which is available on

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Cardi B x Reebok

The collaboration between the superstar and the sneaker brand focuses on a specific Reebok model: the Club C sneaker. The collection that Cardi B has developed gives the classic sneaker a modern upgrade with a characteristic and especially striking Cardi B style. The Club C Cardi and Cardi Coated Club C Double.

The new Club CC standardized -s sneakers are unashamedly in your face, whether you like it or not. The new styles are inspired by high fashion, streetwear, and Cardi’s personality. Cardi has the simplicity of the Club C design to take it to the next level with bold, transparent designs, ”the brand wrote in a press release.

Reebok and Cardi B launches exclusive sneaker collection

Reebok and Cardi want to inspire women to stay true to themselves through self-expression. “We want to break expectations of women in today’s society: how are they expected to be perfect but humble, strong but caring; and if they don’t find the right balance in that, they are labeled” too much “or” too extra”Instead of trying to do what we” should “do, let’s do what we’re entitled to travel the world without explanation or accountability. Just like Cardi,” said the sneaker brand.

The Cardi B x Reebok collection is available in women’s and children’s sizes through the Reebok webshop.

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