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Remove self-tanner-from your hands

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Remove self-tanner-from your hands, it’s that easy

You have rubbed yourself in with a self-tanner and the next day (or maybe even a few hours later) your hands have turned completely brown are stained. Not that charming! Fortunately, you can remove the self-tanner stains from your hands or body.

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If you rub yourself with a self-tanner, you naturally want to get a nice tan. what you don’t want are brown hands full of stains. Unfortunately, it still happens quite often that you have not washed your hands properly stains appear. With these handy tips, you can prevent or solve brown hands and stains.

Use a glove

You can also use a special glove to apply self-tanner. This means that the self-tanner is well distributed and the self-tanner doesn’t come in contact with your hands, causing stains.


COCO & EVE Applicator Mitt

Remove self-tanner-from your hands


Wash your hands immediately after application

If you have applied self-tanner with your bare hands, it’s important that you wash your hands immediately afterward. Do not wash for 5 seconds, do this thoroughly with soap and water to remove all residues.

Remove stains with St.Tropez tan remover

One of my top tips on self-tanner removal is St Tropez tan remover. Put some nail foam remover on a cotton pad and then rub it over the stains. You will see that the self-tanner stains on the hands disappear like snow in the sun.


 ST. TROPEZ Tan Remover Mousse

 Scrubbing under the shower

A self-tanner is of course not a permanent color, so you can speed up the fading process a bit. you can do this in the shower with a scrub. Scrub the skin on your hands with an exfoliation glove or a mild scrub and you will see the spots become less visible.


  LE LABO Body Scrub 

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