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Self-tanner for your face

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Self-tanner for your face: the three best ways for an even glow

Yes, spring is almost upon us! Your pale face can also use a boost. But nobody is waiting for ugly stains from your self-tanner. These are the three best ways to self-tan your face as smoothly as possible.

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Self-tanner for your face

ISLE OF PARADISE Tanning Applicator Mitt


1. Scrub scrub!

In advance: exfoliate your face before you start self-tanning. This way you remove the dead skin cells and the tan stays longer. Then another tip for afterward: ALWAYS wash your hands after using self-tanning products, or use gloves when applying.



2. Wipes

Also an easy way for a brown tooth; self-tanning wipes, from an A or B brand. Just sweep it over your face and you’re ready to go. Pay attention! Always take your neck (and/or décolleté) with you to prevent color differences. The withdrawal takes a little longer; the color builds up in 4 to 8 hours and lasts for three days.

Self-tanner for your face

ISLE OF PARADISE Self Tanning Water



A virtually new trend in the self-tanning world is tanning water in light, medium, or dark. Little color seems to come off, but appearances are deceptive. Depending on which one you use, you can spray the water, spread it with your fingers or with a cotton pad. Once applied, it will take a few hours to see results. The sun-kissed complexion fades after a short (midweek)

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The Face Anti-Age


4. Drops

For the beginners among us drops from, are ideal. You can easily dose them; three drops to start. You can also use them separately or mix them with your day or night cream. Then let it withdraw for an hour, Repeat this every three days for a lasting result. 

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