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Six anti-aging facial exercises

 Six anti-aging facial exercises you can do at home

What Is Facial Yoga?

Facial exercises and massages have held us in great stead since time immemorial. The concept dates back to the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda- releasing energy pathways to naturally achieve better health and a great sense of well-being while looking radiant. Facial yoga does to your face; what yoga does to your body. It relaxes, tones, and gives a natural boost to the skin, while simultaneously resetting your facial muscles. The idea is to stretch the 57 face and neck muscles to tone, firm, and boost circulation, for a youthful appearance.

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Benefits of Yoga for the Face

Very similar to facial massages you can do at home, the anti-aging facial exercises technique is also designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the middle layer of the skin, giving you a smoother, more supple, tighter-looking skin.

Is face yoga effective?

Much like any other physical exercise, the effects of Facial Yoga can be seen on the skin if one diligently incorporates them into their daily routine. An added advantage is that you can indulge in these exercises anywhere, anytime.

In one study, testers who facially exercised for 30 days over two months, then every other day for three months, reported an increased fullness in their cheeks, making them look nearly three years younger. It’s a really great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance and a great alternative to Botox and plastic surgery.

Six anti-aging facial exercises:

1) Warm-Up

How to do the exercise: Start your “workout circuit” by blowing exaggerated raspberries not only just with the lips, but with the cheeks as well. The bigger vibration is better for relaxing facial muscles, Lip muscles are a core muscle for the face. By relaxing these muscles, other muscles are relaxed too.”

How often to do it: At least once (and up to three times) per day, or whenever you feel stressed.

2)Slim Your “Tech Neck” Double Chin

How to do the exercise: Keeping your shoulders down and relaxed, tip your chin up to the ceiling until you feel a good stretch in the upper neck and chin area. Then, alternate making duck lips and sticking out your tongue, holding each “pose” for 5 seconds each. Repeat three times.

Make sure to keep your chin extended and keep your neck taut the whole while. This should feel a bit strenuous: “If you don’t get tired, it’s not effective.

How often to do it: 1-2 times per day


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3)Smooth Smile Lines

How to do the exercise: First off, don’t stop smiling and laughing! “If you don’t smile, you’re not going to develop cheek muscle. Instead, tackle smile lines by “breaking down the tension in the muscle from the inside out by using the tongue.”

Starting up by the nose, where  the lines tend to be deepest, “stick your tongue inside your mouth and make a tiny circle on the labial line.” Do five circles clockwise and counterclockwise on each side to smooth smile lines.

How often to do it: once per day

4)Firm Up Saggy Cheeks and Jowls

How to do the exercise: Bulldog face, To remove the saggy cheeks, pull everything to the side: imagine your right teeth pulled to the left side of your mouth” in what should look kind of like a sideways kissy-face. Hold for 10 seconds for an effective exercise that “trains and stretches at the same time. It is a great way to improve skin elasticity.

How often to do it: 3-5 times per day, for best results

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5)Fight Eye Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

How to do the exercise: Keeping shoulders back and relaxed, point your chin down to your chest and make an oval with your mouth. At the same time, look upward with just the eyes: “don’t move your head or shoulders, you should feel stretching underneath the eye.

Hold for three seconds, and then tuck the upper lip inside the mouth to make an “ahh” face. This circuit should give you “a deep stretch in the face … so that wrinkles don’t stay.”

How often to do it: Once a day, no more. Otherwise, you risk bringing “too much stretch” to the skin and the muscles in the face.

6)Lift Your Eyebrows

How to do the exercise: Place the index finger of each hand, half-an-inch above the eyebrows. Attempt to lift the eyebrows upward, while pressing them downwards with your fingers.

How often to do it: Repeat this 10- 12 times, a day.Benefit: Since our forehead is the first place for the appearance of wrinkles, you can tone those muscles, release tension, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by performing this specific exercise.

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