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Suffering from hair pain?

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Suffering from hair pain? You can do this against it

Suffering from hair pain? You can do this against it. Do you often wear your hair in a tail? Chances are you will get a headache. Throwing away seems the best solution, but it often feels even more painful. That’s right.


The reason turns out to be quite logical. Hair pain occurs in the sensitive hair follicles (follicles) on your scalp that are also part of the nervous system. Wearing your hair in a ponytail for hours on end creates tension on your scalp and on those hair follicles. The moment you free your hair from a rubber band, you feel that hair pain extra. Why is that? Because your hair regains free space to move. The tension is released, so that your scalp and nerve endings only feel the pain stimuli of being tied up.

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The key question is of course: how do you get rid of that nagging pain? The only real solution is to wear your hair loose more often, so that the scalp gets a rest. But that is not always practical, of course. Do you still want to put your hair up? Then use a hair accessory with which you can tie those manes looser, such as a large clamp, scrunchie, or a hairband.

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