That’s why I love dermalogica skincare

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Dermalogica products have a fairly clean appearance. That’s why I love dermalogica skincare

I recently got acquainted with the dermalogica brand for the first time, I’m using the products already a few weeks, long enough to give you an impression of my thoughts in this blog. I’m not going too deep into the ingredients here. but will explain how to use the products and tell you what they do for my skin.

Dermalogica skincare
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Dermalogica skincare

Dermalogica products have a fairly clean appearance. I think that’s the reason I never have noticed or attracted me. Boy is was wrong! Beautiful products appear to be hiding under that boring jacket.

When products of dermalogica are eligible with the skin, something special happens. a healthy, beautiful skin then acquires a different meaning. It’s not for nothing that dermalogica is the first choice of professional beauty specialists and consumers worldwide. why? because dermalogica has been devoting its heart and soul to training, innovation, and professional advice for 25 years. with the aim: healthy beautiful skin for everyone. dermalogica does not use advertisements, luxury packaging, false promises, and trends. 

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 Dermalogica Pre-cleanse and Dermalclaycleanser 

The products I have used are the  Dermalogica pre-cleanseand dermal clay cleanser, you use this in combination with each other. First I remove my make-up excess sebum and dirt with the pre-cleanse, after that, I clean my face with the dermal clay cleanser. I always do this, by the way, cleansing in 2 phases.

The dermalogica pre-cleanse is a water-soluble oil that includes olive oil, coconut oil, and apricot kernel oil. First, you maze the oil over dry skin, then you add a little lukewarm water and the oil turns into a milky emulsion that effortlessly removes all my make-up. This is a particular fine variant. The delicious fresh spicy scent enhances the  Spa feeling.

Dermal clay cleanser
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 Dermal clay cleanser 

This is a deep clay cleanser, suitable for oily and impure skin. In addition to the water-soluble clays,  kaolin, and bentonite, this cleaner contains extracts of elderflower, and lemon, that absorbs excess sebum and purify the skin. Cucumber, sage, and menthol a fresh sometimes a tingling sensation on the skin. Te scent of this is also fresh, I clearly smell the menthol.

 You can use the dermal clay cleanser in 2 ways. For daily cleansing, massage the lotion emulsion over the skin and then rinse it of. For deep cleansing, let the cleanser work in for 5 minutes, for super fresh skin. Please pay attention when using the product avoid the area around your eyes, they are too sensitive for this cleanser.

That’s why I love dermalogica skincare

My skin feels clean and fresh, especially after the 5 min mask. a nice and quick boost for your skin.

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 Ultracalming Mist 

After cleansing my skin I use the ultra calming line and mist, a soothing and hydrating lotion. The lotion contains various soothing and reclinning components. The lotion can be applied with a cotton pad. but also sprayed directly on the skin.the lotion has a neutral scent.

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 Daily microfoliant 

The daily microfoliant can be called the best in the range of dermalogica and a bestseller. This mild exfoliant based on rice papaya and salicylic acid extract removes dead skin cells in a very mild way. What makes the skin feel softer and smoother. A unique skin brightening complex makes the shade smoother. And green tea soothes the skin.

That’s why I love dermalogica skincare

Before use, put a small amount of the powder in the palm of your hand, add a little water until it starts to foam and you no longer feel any grains. You then massage this over your face for 1 minute. The result is really amazing! My skin feels extremely smooth and soft and has a beautiful glow. A real product that you will fall in love with!

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 Dermalogica age smart multivitamin power recovery masque 

dermalogica age smart multivitamin power recovery masque is a soft and creamy masque and contains vitamin a, c, e and f that restore the elasticity of the skin. And ensure an improvement of the skin barrier, making it better protected against the influence of free radical (vitamin c and e). in addition, the masque has an intensive moisture-healing capacity.

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The masque has a fresh, slightly fruity scent and feels very soft and comfortable when applied to your skin. The masque stays creamy while you have applied it, it does not dry up, so it stays pleasant on your skin. Even if my skin is slightly irritated or very dry. there are moments that your skin needs softness and a little love. This masque is ideal for those moments.

I’m really impressed with dermalogica products from the first use i felt the intensive effect of the products. especially the pre-cleanse and daily microfoliant have stolen my beauty heart 😉

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