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The best ordinary skincare ❤️ We love it .

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The best ordinary skincare ❤️  We love it.

The stores and the online shop were just about looted last week, the Ordinary skincare brand was received with such enthusiasm! What do you want, an affordable brand and also a very large range of interesting products? Very popular are the peelings of this brand, 

What is a peeling actually?

Let me start by telling you what a peeling actually does for your skin? With a peeling is meant treatment or product, which deflects the dead skin cells from the skin by means of different acids. You also call this process exfoliation, a word you may know? Maybe you have an exfoliant at home? Usually, this name is used for a scrub, a product that tries to do the same by rubbing granules on the skin, which you also call a mechanical exfoliant.

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Peeling is a completely different product, usually, it is a transparent liquid that you leave on your skin for a short or longer period of time to do its job. Then you remove the exfoliant and what remains is more shiny, healthy and fresh skin. I absolutely swear by using a peeling or exfoliant regularly, it really keeps your skin beautiful.

Have you never used an acid-based peeling or exfoliant? Then it is important to first find out which peeling is suitable for your skin and especially to get used to the use of acids on your skin. Because as you can imagine, acids in a peeling can sting the skin and can also cause redness with use. Of course, the peels that you can buy in the store cannot cause any real damage to your skin, but it is wise to check what suits your skin.

The best ordinary skincare ❤️  We love it.

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA

 The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA 

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA is one of the mildest peels in the range and is based on lactic acid, an AHA, or alpha-hydroxy acid that is basically suitable for every skin type and age. Be careful with extremely sensitive skin, peels are not always pleasant, but by mixing the product or leaving it on the skin for a short time, sensitive skins can also peel.

You use this peeling in the evening, but before applying the peeling all over your face I would always test whether your skin is too sensitive. So apply a drop under your chin and see how your skin reacts. If that goes well, you can spread a few drops of the peeling over your (clean) face and let it dry for a while.

The peeling is an almost colorless liquid that you do not see or feel, at the most, your skin feels slightly sticky. You can just leave this peeling on your skin, but the first time you should pay attention to how your skin reacts. It is normal to feel it sting (especially with wounds or pimples) but that should disappear quickly. If the skin continues to sting or if it feels really painful, it is better to remove the peeling with a damp cloth. Or, if it is not so bad, dab some cream or serum on it, that also helps.


THE ORDINARY Lactic Acid 10% + HA

This is a great peeling for beginners! Start using it once or twice a week, no more and increase it if necessary, but do not do it too often, see how your skin reacts. You may get pimples here and thereafter the first use, which is normal and should definitely go away. If you have been using this product for some time, you could switch to a somewhat firmer peeling, for example, the variant with  10% Lactic Acid.   

THE ORDINARY AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Ready for some more intense?

Then The Ordinary has something for you too!  The AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution is the peeling that I sometimes use, Read more about it in this post, it really does my skin a lot of good! This blood-red peeling contains a concentration of 30% BHA and 2% BHA, so a combination that tackles shine, but also pimples and clogged pores. This is not a peeling for beginners because it is quite heavy

The best ordinary skincare ❤️  We love it.

The peeling has a special color because it is blood red and it remains that even after application to the skin. So it seems like you get a vampire facial (a treatment with your own blood), but it is just a peeling … no worries and not scary at all. This peel is spicy, so it is only recommended on the skin that is already used to other peels with AHA and BHA. But then it is also a very good one! Not only do you see immediate results, my skin immediately has a much more beautiful shine, in the long term this peeling ensures a more beautiful, fine skin texture and can really reduce fine lines.  I really see that my skin has become so much more beautiful and that is delicious! This peeling is a nice alternative if you do not want or can not go to a skin therapist or as peeling in between!

You can only leave this peeling on your skin for a short time and then you have to remove it again, according to The Ordinary the maximum time is 10 minutes. Of course, it is again wise to test this product first and then build up the use, so do not let it sit for 10 minutes immediately is the advice. My skin looks red in some places after peeling, but that quickly disappears and after a thick layer of cream my skin feels fresh and fine

LA MER Crème de la Mer Moisturizer

This is immediately after the peeling and with a layer of La Mer creme de la Mer, that’s how I go to sleep, I don’t use other products that night to give my skin a rest. After peeling I never suffer from peeling skin, but that can happen. Peelings are my absolute favorite, but every skin is different and so it is certainly possible that it is not for you. with the exception of extremely sensitive skin.

Pixi Glow Tonic

But caution is advised and do it especially in moderation, too much exfoliation or peeling can certainly be bad for your skin. I use such a strong peeling as the latter no more than once a week, mild peels like the Pixi Glow Tonic I do several times a week as maintenance.

Last, important thing: when you exfoliate, your skin becomes more sensitive to UV radiation. It is, therefore, a must to use a product with at least  SPF30  during the day, especially during the first days after a peeling and then preferably also, especially with a high UV index



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