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The Best Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer 2021

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The Best Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer 2021

The Best Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer 2021: The first fashionable responsible steps towards summer.


The transition to summer often happens on the feet with a pair of good, summery walkers. Now we had already exchanged our closed shoes due to the quarantine (for slippers, that is), which makes the transition to summery comfortable footwear just that little bit easier. But it remains a challenge: that one perfect pair of summer shoes for 2021 find.

We collected the most beautiful pieces, from comfortable sneakers to airy sandals. Let the summer begin.

Shoe trend 1: Summer beige

After the (winter) white sneakers and boots, we see something new this summer, namely  summery beige  . Summery beige is a mix of off-white, cream and camel. One variant is a bit warmer and leans more towards camel, the other is a bit cooler and leans towards off-white, but the collective name is summery beige. You see the color mainly in chelsea boots, ankle boots, but also in other summer boots, sneakers and sandals.

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Shoe trend 2: Material mix

This sneaker trend can no longer be ignored in the fashion image and will not pass you unnoticed. They are real eye-catchers where less is more certainly does not apply. More is more and preferably a little extra. Different materials, colors and prints are used interchangeably in one shoe. For example, a combination of leather, suede, mesh and nylon and different colors, glitter pieces and metal details is no stranger to the trend. In short, a party at your feet. You can brighten up any outfit with this multi-material sneaker trend

The Best Shoe Trends For Spring/Summer 2021

Shoe trend 3: wickerwork

This summer, wickerwork is a hit! And I’m not so much talking about beautiful braided hairstyles, which would really match nicely with your wicker shoes, but about shoes made of braided materials such as leather, suede, reed and rope. This summer we see a lot of braiding on ankle boots, espadrilles, sandals, slippers and even bags. So you can appear from head to toe in braid – or actually  shine – next season.

Shoe trend 4: chunky sandals 

After the chunky boots and chunky sneakers, the sandals and slippers will now follow. This summer you can look completely fashionable and comfy for the day. They are delicious and are therefore also very hot! The sandals or slippers are often also provided with wide straps which make them extra comfy. So win-win!

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